I Wanna Be Your Everything (A Ross Lynch/ R5 Love Story)

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It was my first day of school, I glanced down at my schedule. 2nd period- Music. I smiled, brushing back a piece of hair from my face as I started walking down the hallway. It was pretty empty, since everyone was already in class. Since it wasn’t the first day, I was excused from being late, since I was still trying to figure out this school. I was a sophmore, my father is in the military, so we have to move a lot. But, since he’s now retired, this is supposed to permanently be home. I just hope L.A. isn’t as bad as the last town.

I was almost to the room when I literally ran into someone. I fell to the ground and heard a male voice.

“Oh my gosh! I’m SOO sorry. Here,” He exclaimed, reaching down, holding out his hand. I took it, and he pulled me up quickly. Dusting myself off, as he picked up my bag. “I’m Ross. I don’t think I’ve seen you before, are you new here? ”

“Yeah, I just moved here. I’m Courtney.” I told him, taking my bag from him and smiling up at him. He looked to be about a foot or two taller than me, with really blonde hair (like my own), and a goofy grin to match his glowing hazel eyes.

“Well, it was nice running into you Courtney, and I hope to see you at lunch, but I REALLY have to get to class.” He said, straightening what I now noticed was a guitar case, on his back. “Do you need help finding your class real quick?” He asked me, motioning to the paper in my hand..

“umm yeah. I think I’m close, 10th grade Music? Room 205 with Edwards?” I said, reading my schedule.

“Hey that’s my class too! I’ll walk you.” He said, taking a the books in my arms and leading the way. “So, sophomore?”

“Yep. But my dad just retired from the military, so we’ve moved around a lot. This is about my 7th school. And hopefully the last.”  I told him, smiling as we turned.

“Really? Wow. Have you ever been out of the country?” he asked, amused.

“Yeah, we lived in England for a year.”

“That’s so cool. I want to travel all around the world one day.” He told me, looking up dreamily as he slowed down.  “This is it. Look, I’m gonna get yelled at, so be prepared.” He told me, handing me my books, and opening the door. I walked in first, followed by Ross.

“Ahh. You must be our new student Courtney. I’m Ms.Edwards. I see you’ve already met Ross. Who is late AGAIN…” the teacher said, walking towards me and glaring at Ross a bit at the end.

“sorry” he mumbled as he took a seat. I looked around the room. There were about 15 people in the class, plus me. It seemed fun. I noticed they were all paired off and talking in their pairs.

“Well. We’re working on duets today. And since you two are the last ones, You will be working together.” Ms. Edwards told me as she pulled out a piece of paper, explaining the assignment, to me. I nodded, walking over and sitting down next to Ross. The assignment was to sing a song together, and since it was right before winter break, (I started school at a great time right??) it had to be a Christmas duet.

 “I think we should do something different. Like a song that isn’t normally a duet, and make it into one.” Ross said as we were discussing song choice. “What are you doing after school? Do you want to work on this at my place?” He asked me as the bell rang.

“Sure! I’ll call my mom at lunch and make sure. But I think so.” I told him.

“Ok. Well I’ll meet you outside your last class, and you can just come with us. My older brother will drive us.” Ross told me, taking my schedule to find my last class. “Oh cool! We have like almost the same schedule. Except 1st period, and 5th. So come on lets go to math.”  He said, grabbing my books again and leading the way.

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