Chapter 28: Chase Hayden aka The King Of Mixed Signals

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"Gosh, she's so annoying," Gwen huffed.

I was about to make a follow-up remark but at that moment, the teacher arrived, silencing everyone.

I took out my book from my bag and tried to focus as the teacher discussed things like supply and demand and equilibrium and stuff like that. I was looking at him, but I wasn't actually listening because at that moment, all I could really think about was: Who is the girl Chase is planning to ask out?

Classes passed by quickly and next thing I knew, it was already dismissal period. I walked towards my locker to stuff some things in and was surprised once again as another note fell to the floor.

Quickly bending down on my knees, I picked it up and immediately read it's content: Hi, I just want to let you know how pretty you looked today.

For some strange reason, I smiled. Others would've been freaking out if some anonymous person was sending them love notes but not me. I was always big on appreciating little things, and I found this gesture really cute. And it's not like it was from some 40 year old-pedophile because I'm pretty sure it was simply from a guy from school. It would've been better if the sender revealed his identity though but maybe he liked to keep things mysterious.

Slipping the note in my pocket, I finished depositing the last of my books and started to walk towards the school exit. Eversince the 'breakup', I've been doing myself a favor of taking solo walks home, in attempts of clearing my mind from anything that concerned everything.

It took a couple of minutes until I reached my house, and I was already hungry by that time. Quickly unlocking the door, I immediately set off towards the kitchen and grabbed myself some sandwich which was resting peacefully inside the fridge, longing to be eaten by someone.

And by someone, I meant me.

After satisfying my tummy, I went upstairs on the hopes of confining myself inside my room when I heard a soft strumming sound coming from Chase's room.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I leaned in closer and peeked through the door which was slightly ajar.

There, seating on the edge of his bed whilst holding a brown acoustic guitar, was Chase. He was playing a familiar tune of a song and man, was he good. This guy just kept on giving out surprises every single day.

Being the klutz that I was, I accidentally pushed the door wide open while I was leaning against it, completely blowing my cover.

Chase turned around from his position and I gave him a sheepish grin when our eyes made contact. "Uh, hey," I mumbled awkwardly. "I didn't know you were here already. Didn't see your car outside."

"I skipped last period," he casually answered. "And Adam borrowed my car."

Nodding slowly, all I could say was, "oh."

He was still staring at me after I said that so I laughed awkwardly and added, "I didn't know you played guitar. I didn't really dub you as the musical type."

Chase's expression was blank until the corners of his mouth twitched upwards to form a smile. "Really, huh?"

"Yeah." I shrugged.

"Well, sorry for surprising you, sweetheart," he said, grinning at me. "But I actually am the musical type."

Seeing that the tension was eased, I walked towards his bed and sat beside him. "So, what were you playing? It was sort of familiar."

"Endlessly by The Cab," he answered. "You know that song? It's one of my favorites."

"Oh yes!" I enthused. That's why it sounded so familiar. "I like that song and the band who sang it. I really think Alexander de Leon is a genius."

"He is."

Suddenly remembering the conversation I had with Gwen, I asked him, "Are you planning of playing it to her?"

"Her?" Chase's face morphed into a confused expression.

"You know, the girl you're planning to ask to the dance? It's been the talk of the school earlier."

At that, he cleared his throat and quickly looked away. "Oh, that. I don't know."

"You haven't asked her yet?" I queried.

He shook his head. "No, I haven't."

"Really?" I asked, even though I was feeling a bit unhappy inside. "Is she the same girl we talked about?"

"Yeah," he answered.

"Then you gotta ask her now!" I said cheerfully, masking my real feelings towards the issue.

"Why?" Chase suddenly asked, his face looking confused.

"Why what?"

"Why are you so persistent about it?"

"I-I uh," I stammered, at a loss for words. "Because homecoming is in a couple of weeks. And for you to like her, she must be really beautiful. And because she's really beautiful, guys must be lining up to ask her out. That's why you should do it as soon as possible. It might be too late."

I was smiling the whole time I said it but the hammering feeling inside my chest indicated otherwise.

All this time, I've kept a blind eye when it came to Chase because I was dating Zach. But now that we weren't together anymore, it got me thinking if I really was enamored with him. I thought that maybe I liked Chase all along but I was too preoccupied with Zach that my feelings were confused altogether.

Maybe that explains why I was no longer giving a care about my ex-boyfriend. He was happy with Sarah now and maybe, breaking up with him was a good idea after all. Sure, I was still hurt over the fact that he cheated on me, but that's about it. I wasn't over the heartbreak, but I was definitely over Zach, that's for sure.

And now, knowing that Chase liked another girl was doing crazy things in my head. It's hard to admit but I think I'm really jealous of her right now.

"I'm not really sure about that," Chase said after a moment of silence. "Guys are too intimidated by her to actually ask her out." He grinned.

"Hey, don't be confident about that," I told him. "For all you know, she might have a date already."

"Hmm alright," he mumbled. "So, are you going to the dance with anyone?"

I was surprised with the sudden change in topic that I could only manage a head-shake.

He just shrugged like that answered for everything.

"I don't think I'll be going anyway," I told him eventually.

Chase looked startled. "Huh? But why?"

I shrugged. "Because I think it's lame. And it's not like somebody has asked me yet, I mean, I doubt anyone would ever ask me, anyway."

Of course I was simply lying. Truth is, I didn't want to go to the dance because that would only show how pathetic I am. Zach will be there with Sarah. Gwen will be there with Ken. And Chase. He will be there with the incredibly special girl he'd been dying to ask out eversince. And I don't think I could stand seeing that. I'd rather stay at home and think about how much of a loser I am.

"Someone's gonna ask you, just wait," Chase said and I could only manage a casual shrug in response.

Because if that someone wasn't him, then never mind.

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