Chapter 2

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Felix pov

"Studying abroad will be good for you Felix and you will get to spend more time with your uncle Gabriel and your dear cousin Adrien. You could even make a few friends perhaps even get a French girlfriend" my mother says.

Studying abroad in Paris with my oh so perfect cousin Adrien Agreste that everyone just loves and adores. I hate it when people always compare me to him.

"OH, why can't you be more like Adrien he is so dreamy." " he so perfect " All the girls say.

In my eyes Adrien is just as annoying as everyone else. The only real reason I am going to Paris is because I am to participate in the Spring fashion peak photo shoots. Otherwise, I would have shot down the idea in a heartbeat. Being stuck for a whole year with my annoying go happy cousin and his hopeless classmates just sounds like torture to me.

I already plan to stir up some trouble there. Maybe have some fun of my own as well. Sitting on this plane for six hours has given me enough time to think all this trough. I have already been to Paris before, and I did a pretty neat job with my little fake Adrien stunt. I might even get to bump into that Bluenette again, I remember when I saw her video to my cousin confessing her love to him and how sick it made me feel. I just got angry after it and well deleted the file of messages. Seeing that girl so smitten over my cousin just made me really mad and I don't even know why. I guess it just my disliking towards my below average cousin.

After the plane landed in Paris and Gorilla picked him up. Felix is walking into the Agreste Manor.

Just like I thought this place would be like again. Still cold and dark like from a ghost novel. Mom was right this place will never be the same after the death of Emelia Agreste.

"Felix!" I turn to see Nathalie walking towards me.

"Good you have arrived just on time. I will take you directly to your room for now since you must be tired after your long journey and maybe later Adrien will give you a tour of the house after dinner." Nathalie says.

Felix replies with a simple nod of his head as understanding just before Nathalie walks of in quick pace leading him to his selected room which he would be staying in for the next few months in Paris.

Felix spent the next hour packing away all his stuff in suitable places to suit him. Just as he finished putting all his clothes away in his drawers there was a knock on the door. He went over to open it all though he would rather just be left alone in silence. Upon opening the door, he became annoyed to see the one and only Sunshine boy Adrien Agreste standing outside his door with a big smile on his face.

Over the years Felix mother made sure to keep the boys in touch with each other. With the very few phone calls and fewer video calls that Felix accepted forcefully. Felix learnt that Adrien was a foolish naïve little boy. To stuck in his own fantasy to actually see the real world for what it really is. With this Felix had already decided that he didn't want anything to do with the Agreste boy.

"Hi, Felic! " Adrien says.

"It's Felix's and hello to you Adrien." Felix replies.

"So, Nathalie told me I should give a tour of the house to make you feel more welcomed" Adrien says after a moment of awkward silence.

Felix: of course, lead the way.

The tour lasted for about a minimum of thirty-five minutes or less ending of from where they first started the front entrance of the manor. Adrien had pointed to his father's study and spoke. " that's father's study he is always in their so don't bother ever going in there. Also, father never joins for any meals but maybe he will make an exception for you today." Adrien continued on talking about his school and all his classes right up till dinner time.

Of course, Gabriel Agreste had not showed his face to dinner that night like Adrien suggested he may do which came to no surprise to everyone seated.

Felix retired back to his room changes into his silk pyjamas and climb into his bed letting his mind process and piece a plan together of how he would handle tomorrow his first day of public school at Dupont college in Paris.

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