Chapter Twenty Four

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Once again I had found myself in the hospital. My eyes fluttered as I tried my best to open them. My mother's beautiful dark skinned face was the first thing I saw when my eyes creeped open.

She smiled as she looked upon my face.

"Hey baby.."

I smiled as I looked at her. I looked around the room and saw my father looking at me from across the room in a chair. Tears began to form in my eyes.

"Where is Stacy?" I said as I sat up in the bed.

"Its been a long night honey just get some rest."

" No ma, I dont want to sleep, I want to know where Stacy is?"

Before my mother could respond, the doctor and a police officer walked in.

"Hello Ms. Newsome its nice to see you awake. Mr amd Mrs. Newsome."

"Hi Dr. Martin could you tell me what happened?" My mother said before I could speak.

"Actually thats what officer Cedric is here for. Officer Cedric.."

"Hello everyone. "

"Officer what happened?"

"Well, we got a call from your address at about 7:30pm. A woman called saying that her boyfriend and a friend were trying to kill each other. The operater said she lost contact with the woman after she heard the woman scream no. When we arrived on the scene, the house was in a complete mess. The two men laid on the floor seriously injured. One was shot, and the gun was found beside the other man who was beaten severely and you Ms. Newsome was passed out on the floor."

"Where are they?" I asked the officer.

"Mr. Lewis is in room 202. They managed to stop his internal bleeding."

"And Evan?"

The officer paused before he answered. The only thing on my mind was that he was dead. I had shot and killed my bestfriend's brother. How could I even look her in the face after this.

"Mr. Tanning is in ICU.. the bullet pierced his chest and the other one was just inches away from his heart."

I cried out as the tears flowed down my face.

"We assummed that Mr. Lewis took the shot at Mr.Tanning because the gun was found near his body."

I was quiet.

"I know this is overwhelming to you so we are going to give you a few days to relax and then we want you to make a statement."

The officer walked out and Dr. Martin followed behind.

"Dr. Martin .." I called after him.

"Yes Mrs. Newsome?"

"How is my baby."

"We're going to run a few test and I'll get back to you."

The doctor walked out leaving us in the room.

"Why were they fighting Lauren?" My father asked.

" Because of me. I took mama's advice and decided to tell them. the plan was to do it indiviually but it didnt go as planned."

"You know I love you baby girl but I think we both know nothing good comes out of lying."

"I know but.."

Before I could finish Stacy barged in the door .

Tears roll down her face smearing her eyeliner.


"Why Lauren! Why did you have to bring my brother into this!"

"Stacy I didnt--"

"You got my brother laying in the hospital bed fighting for his life! His LIFE Lauren!! All because you played with his heart!"

My heart ached as I listened to my bestfriend crying her heart out. She was right.. If I would have stayed with one man and gave up the urge to cheat, I wouldnt be in this situation right now and neither would Evan or Marcus.

My mother walked over to comfort Stacy. Making sure to encourage her that everything would be alright.

A few hours later, my parents left to go home for the night and everything had calmed down. It was completly quiet in the small room as Stacy and I sat there.

"How is he?" I asked breaking the silence.

"He's stable. ."

".. Im sorry Stace.."

"The doctors say he has a fifty fifty chance but I know that he's going to get better.. He's going to make it out of this.. he has too. I just dont know what I would do without him."

I listened to Stacy as she spoke with her heart on her sleeve.

"I never told you this but Evan and I have been in alot of shit together. My mother's husband from her second marriage was an evil man. For some reason he would always abuse and beat up on me. I would tell my mother but she was so up his ass that she didnt believe me. One day my mother went off to work on a saturday and Evan was out playing ball. I was alone at the house when Eddie came home drunk."

"Why didnt she believe you, you are high yellow so the brusies do show."

"He aimed for the spots that would be covered like my stomach, back and my thighs. Till this day If Evan wouldnt have walked in when he did, I would have been somewhere dead. Evan saved me from being beaten and kicked too death. "

"Im so sorry .."

"I just need him to make it through this."

The doctor walked in a few minutes later with the news about my baby.

"Mrs. Newsome, you are a very lucky woman. With all the events that you have been through, your baby is hanging in there. You have a strong soilder indeed."

"Thank you doctor."

"If you need anything Mrs. Newsome just call."

"Will do."

The doctor walked out. It was going on six in the morning and here I was still awake.

"Im going to get going." Stacy said as she stood up.


"I'll be back first thing in the morning."

She walked over to the side of my bed to hug me.

"Even with everything thats going on, I still love you."

My eyes watered up as I felt the tears forming.

She left the room. I laid there in the bed.. After everything that has happened.. she has yet to leave my side and I was grateful for that...

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