Ch. 2

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Hermione and Ginny both stared at the men in shock, prompting the two men to share a smirk before looking back at the girls.

"What the hell..." Ginny whispered, unable to take her eyes off the dark-skinned man on the left.

"Who are you?" Hermione demanded, pointing towards the two men with her mallet. "Get out of our apartment!"

"I'm afraid that if we leave, we won't be able to answer your questions then," The man in front of her said amusedly.

She gaped at him, opening and closing her mouth. He continued to smirk at her, tilting his head back slightly and looking her up and down. She fought back thoughts of just how handsome he was, angry that she couldn't bring herself to look away from his grey eyes.

"Who are you?" Ginny asked, catching their attention.

They both gave each other a smirk before looking back at the girls. "I'm Draco, and this is Blaise."

Blaise seemed to be intent on watching Ginny, grinning as she shifted uncomfortably and avoided his eyes. "And your names are?"

"What on earth makes you think we're going to give you that information?" Hermione asked angrily. She pointed towards the door again with the mallet. "Get out before I call the police!"

"But we've only just arrived," Draco said, smirking at her. "And I think you'd find us rather amusing company."

Hermione stared at him, gaping at his audacity. It was only more infuriating that he seemed to be enjoying the fact that she was caught off guard.

"What are you doing in our apartment?" Hermione demanded, glaring at him now.

"If I remember correctly, someone wished for us," Draco answered brightly, looking over at Blaise who nodded in agreement.

Hermione's brow furrowed in confusion before she looked over at Ginny, who was staring at the men with wide eyes.

"There's no way you heard that," She whispered, more to herself than the other three.

Blaise chuckled before leaning against the counter and tilting his head. "What else would we be here for?"

Her hands gripped the handle of the frying pan tighter as she continued to stare at him. "What was my wish?"

"I believe it was that you wished for two kings," Blaise said with a grin.

Ginny's skin turned cold as Hermione's stomach twisted into a knot. She glanced over at Ginny again, noticing that her friend's hand was now shaking.

" two are supposed to be..." Hermione started, looking back and forth between Draco and Blaise.

"Yes, we are both rulers in the Underground," Draco said proudly. "Or, as your friend so kindly put it, goblin kings."

Ginny began to shake her head then, staring at the two men. She let out a nervous laugh before saying, "Okay, whoever you two are, you are not kings. And you need to get out."

Blaise chuckled again, straightening up then and looking over to Draco. "Wasn't there a second part of their wish, Draco?"

"Yes, Blaise, I believe there was," Draco answered, returning his grin before looking over at Hermione.

Panic began to set in as Hermione tried to remember the other part of Ginny's wish, but a gasp from Ginny made her jump.

"If you think for one second that you are going to kidnap us-" She started angrily.

"But you wished for it," Blaise cut her off smugly. "And we'd be terrible kings if we didn't fulfill wishes asked of us."

"Absolutely not," Hermione said, trying to shove down the fear that was rising in her chest. "You two need to leave right now before I call the police. I don't know who or what you think you are, but-"

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