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Elara's POV

Just as I stepped out of the portal I suddenly bumped into someone and I looked at who I bumped in to and see Clary.

"Oh hi Clary."

"Hi Ela, um do you know where Jace is I think I know how to get my memories back."

"Oh um I just got back but he's probably in his room... I can take you there."

"Ok thanks."

We make our way to Jace's room and Clary knocks on his door.

Jace opens his door shirtless.

Clary looks away flusttered while I just hold back a laugh at how awkward the girl is.

"Hey Jace I'll leave you guys to talk."

Clary suddenly looks at me with a look that says 'what are you doing don't leave me alone with him'.

She was about to protest but I already had started walking to my room.


Clary and I were in her room. Me being a model as she was drawing.

"You're really pretty, I mean all four of you are so good looking."

I laugh.

"You're pretty too you know, and I'm pretty sure Jace knows that."

I notice her cheeks heat up.

"What- no- I don't think Jace likes me."

I laugh again.

"Oh please I didn't say anything about him liking you I just said I know he thinks you're pretty."

Her lips formed an 'o' shape.

I chuckle lightly at the girl.

"Besides don't think Izzy and I don't notice the way you both look at each other I mean you guys are basically undressing each other with your eyes and the sexual tension is so suffocating."

She was about to say something when Jace barges in.

"Hey Izzy wants to see you guys in her room."

"Ok." We say in sync.


"Jace said you wanted to see us." Said Clary.

I go to sit beside Izzy.

"Yeah, what are you wearing to the rave tonight?" Asked my Parabati.

"I don't know I was just thinking about wearing this."

I scoff playfully. "Nuuh no downworlder would be caught dead in that."

"Besides its a rave not a poetry slam." Izzy said.

"I'm gonna get ready for the party I'll see you guys in the weapons room."

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