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"Your majesty! King Enma has send an emergency message!"

The Jade Emperor had expect the message when the war god Bishamonten had informed of the war taking place in the human world.

"Alas, innocent souls have suffered," the emperor sighed heavily and took the message, "The usual cycle is in a mess now."

He looked at the four protectors with whom he had been discussing about the effects of the war on the spiritual world.

"What do you all suggest?"

Everyone looked at Gen—the tortoise, who would see the future. Gen closed his jet black eyes as he looked through the future.

"Recently, many spirit have been corrupted by dark energies which ended up turning them into harmful spirits, the human world have lost many spiritual guardians," Gen spoke.

He looked at his counter part— Bu—the snake, her white hair fell over her shoulder till her thin waist like waterfalls. She cast her grey eyes on him and nodded.

Both gods were each other's half, what Gen would see in the future Bu would find it's solution.

Bu looked around the table with nonchalant grey eyes, contemplating the future she had seen in Gen's mind.  The circle of the spiritual world was in chaos.

Bu closed her eyes and thought about the image she saw and started talking, "The human world does not lack souls therefore, the innocent victims of the war can be turned into guardian spirits we lost."

She opened her eyes and looked at the Jade Emperor who nodded his head in understanding.

"The balance will be restored this way," he agreed, "but the spirits who were being corrupted who is behind this?"

Byakko—the white tiger, leaned against his chair. His golden eyes with slit pupil flashed angerily as he loudly spoke, "Who else? Izanami's underworld minions have been sighted striking deals with the spirits who are weaker, the greed that bloomed inside the sprits were enough to turn them into harmful spirits."

"Byakko, do look into it," the Jade Emperor said.

"Yes, your majesty," Byakko said.

"Sazuka, ask King Enma for his cooperation, he can judge the souls who have accumulated bad karma's and punish them but the souls with more good karmas should be given to  heaven. Guide those souls to heaven for their transformation." Jade Emperor instructed, the red phoenix.

"Yes, your majesty," Sazuka bowed and disappeared in a flash of red fires.

"Seiryu and Gen go down to Earth and make a list of places where the guardian spirits are missing."

The blue dragon, Seiryu silently bowed and nodded his head towards Gen, who looked at Bu.

"I will be back fast," he said.

Bu nodded.

Once Gen and Seiryu disappeared,the Jade Emperor released a heavy sigh.

"Bu, what else did you saw in Gen's mind?" He asked.

Bu raised a thin eyebrow at the emperor and her red lips stretched into an impressed smile.

She bowed to him and said.

"Gen unintentionally sees future of random humans by mistake," she said, "I just saw a human and spirit's love story."

The Jade Emperor leaned against his throne and let out a sigh of relief.

"And I dreaded for the worst." He mumbled.

Bu giggled.

Enjoy the story hehe~

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