Thank You

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Thank you guys so much for sticking with me through the process of writing this.

I know I lost motivation once or twice and didn't upload like at all in April but I'm glad to say (im actually a little sad) that Living Together is officially completed.

Before any one asks if there is gonna be a sequel, no there is not. But I have other story ideas I want to start publishing.

I am going to wrote them one at a time though so I decided to let you guys pick.

Here are the options:

Zombified - Deku gets turned into a zombie. Shigaraki x Deku

Why...? - Deku joins the LOV, kaminari and shinso are also in the LOV. Dabi x Deku

Not Good Enough - Todoroki cheats on Deku with Iida. Sero steps in and helps Deku get over Todoroki. Bakugo is like a brother to Deku in this story. Sero x Deku

And that's it. Vote on what you want me to start working on in the comments above.

Welp, this is it. I hope you guys enjoyed this story. Writing this story actually made me feel better some days.

I'll see some of you soon 😎🤙

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