Date? Just friends?

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"Sure, but as friends"

Bakugo's POV

Not gonna lie, that hurt, a lot. But at least I have a chance to win him back. I look disappointed but after a few more seconds in silence Kiri gets up and leaves. I stay on my bed and lay down.

I scroll through my phone until it gets dark. I decide to go to bed and I eventually fall asleep.

Time skip

Kirishima's POV

It's the day I was not ready for, the day I was honestly dreading. I didn't want to see him. I decided to get ready in a grey ripped t shirt with a red flannel on top of it, I wear black ripped jeans and black converse.

I walk out of my dorm and walk over to Bakugo's dorm. His dorm is right next to mine so it wasn't far to get there. I knock on the door and hear shuffling, he opens the door and we walk out. Like I said before we are going as friends but I do want him back. I'm just scared he will do the same thing again.

No one POV

Bakugo opens the door for Kiri and they get inside. "Table for two please" bakugo says. The lady directs them to their table and kirishima orders chocolate covered strawberries and a coffee with a lot a sugar, bakugo gets dark chocolate marshmallow bites and a black coffee, no sugar at all.

Kirishima's POV

DAMN!!!! He really likes bitter things! I think to myself. I realize I'm staring at him and look away hoping he didn't notice. I mean we are supposed to be friends right now but all I can think about is having him back.

"So you still like staring don't you?" I hear when I realize I never stopped. "I-I uh" I look away quickly with a blush coming across my face. "I'm just joking, we're supposed to be friends right?" He says, I can hear the hurt in his voice when he says friends.

We finish our food and decide to still hang out some. We head over to a park that we've been to a million times. We always used to come here after our dates but today it's just as friends. Damn this is gonna be difficult.

Bakugo's POV

We got to the park and decided to sit on the swings, we sat in silence for a bit but eventually we needed to head back to the dorms. We left the park still not saying a word to each other. I left walked into my dorm and just lay on the bed. I hear banging in the room next to me.

Me and Kiri's dorms are next to each other so I assumed it was him. I wonder what's happening.

I got up to go to his dorm to see what's wrong but I ultimately decided against it. I tried falling asleep but he wouldn't stop beating something.

It then just suddenly goes silent. I got worried but didn't worry much about it. Until fifteen minutes of no sounds whatsoever. The walls are thin and I can hear a lot of what's happening in the rooms beside mine but it worried me when I heard nothing.

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