Part 8: Yours Wouldn't Even Fit

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Author's Note:
I realized after a whole month of binging various TV shows and playing video games... I FORGOT TO WRITE!!!

I'm back finally... I hope y'all are still there. Thanks for the wait.

Preston's POV

Monday, October 8th - 7:30 AM

"Who is the mysterious guy, please just say it!" Mona begs, for the hundredth time this morning. Reagan, Morgana and Clarence have been begging Annabeth to tell them who the mysterious guy who saved her is.

"It's private." Anne says with a smile before turning her attention back to her phone.

I nudge Britt. "Hey, what's up with her?"

"I dunno." Brittany whispers to me. "I'm surprised a dude appeared at a shrine at nightfall."

"That's suspicious, and news flash, I can hear you." Annabeth laughs... yeah, human beings have ears. "I'm trolling people on Twitter right now."

Rae and Clare immediately lean slightly back and look at Annabeth's phone. It's pretty obivous the trio is trying not to laugh.

"What is this guy, twelve?" Rae says as she starts laughing, covering her mouth as to not annoy the school plaza full of sleep deprived people.

It might look deserted because of so many walls, trees and tall bushes. However, it's quite the contrary, as there might be around a thousand people right here and right now.

"I don't want to be judgemental or evil, but he's a seven year old that somehow knows every swear word." Clarence adds, picking a small leaf from one of the tall bushes.

Brittany snorts. "That's true if they start dropping the f-bomb like Preston and I do."

"We drop plenty of f-bombs, especially me."

Mona waves the both of us off as she speedwalks to be in pace with us. "I drop mine as well, on daily basis." Holy shit, this girl is my long lost sister. Cursing is bullshit, yeah, but sometimes it just flies out of your mouth. "But I'm trying not to curse the entire planet... and I drop the swearing bombs less than I did before."

Mine flies out from the bottom of my soul.

"Does Rae drop them?"

"H-Huh?" She looks up from Annabeth's phone. "I do, rarely."

"They must be bigger than mine then."

"Preston, I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!" Annabeth yells on the top of her lungs, giving me a death stare. What did I do?

Then I turn back to see a gigantic smile on Mona's face. She then opens her mouth to speak.

"Dude, her's are so small, yours wouldn't even fit."

I- what..? What the fuck!? Did she just-

Britt is the first one to break out in hysterical laughter, Morgana and I start wheezing.

Clare facepalms before. "Why this early in the morning." Anne is still giving me the death stare, but then starts laughing along with Rae.

"That dirty joke made my day holy shit!" Brittany barely gets out during one of her many laughing fits, stressing the holy shit part. "I'll be in stitches from this one day, m-my stomach hurts."

"My water skills can't heal that..." Clare says, nodding.

Time Skip~

Classtime, 8:20

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