War: Chapter 2.

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Back on earth everything was destroyed. Earth was nothing now but an abandoned wasteland in a tall building a meteor was seen falling towards it. it then landed inside the building only to be War.

Watcher: Our trajectory was a little of but we arrived safely just the same.

War: How long was I gone???

Watcher: Judging by the wreckage and the corpses I'd say about a century or two.

War then stood up and kept walking leaving Watcher behind

Watcher: Where do you think your going horsemen???

Watcher then stoped War since he is controlling War's nerves.


Watcher: Let's put down some ground rules. Until this is all over your a dog on a leash. If I say bark you bark and if I have to kick you, you better not bear your teeth!!!

War then nodes in understanding and keeps walking

Watcher: Good boy!

War: Hemp!

War and Watcher kept walking deep into the city only to find it was completely destroyed, he then saw a strange floor with ornaments on top of the roof.

Watcher: These..... ornaments and symbols look..... familiar....... I got it! War we found Vulgrim!

War: How do we summon him?

Watcher: How should I know!!!

War: Your a demon aren't you?

Watcher: But what makes you think that- Never mind. But still I don't know! Try stepping on the panels or something.

War: Let's try that out.

War stepped on the panels and as he stepped on it the panel went completely blue. Then Vulgrim came out from the shadows.

Vulgrim: Well,well,well what do we have here? New costumers!!! But what will you ask of this humble merchant.

War: Do you know who I am?

Vulgrim: Hmmm.... Nope don't have a clue. May I see your weapon?

War: Hmph.

Vulgrim: Aahh... yes. Wait a minute..... this sword!!!

War: .........

Vulgrim: Your... War!!!!! You serve the council!!!! Have they finally wanted my services?!

War: I'm looking for answers on what happened the day all this began. Why did it all go wrong? Why did the demons invade earth before it was time? What happened to the seals?..... Where were my brother's when I needed them? What did Abbadon know?.......

Vulgrim: Then you must seek Samael, he will give you the answers you seek.

War: Where is he?

Vulgrim: Such haste to die my friend. Samael is not an easy one to convince. But. Samael's prison lays beyond that old rock guardian. But he has been in a deep sleep for hundreds of years. The only way to wake him up is with this.....

Vulgrim then showed War an unusual trumpet. It's design was that of a somewhat skull with green eyes. When War was going to take it Vulgrim snuck it away.

War: What lays beyond that guardian? Demon.

Vulgrim: Feed my hunger and I will feed your curiosity.

War then raised his hand and thus the souls he collected from the councilmen came out. Vulgrim opened his mouth and all the souls went in..

Vulgrim: Mmmmm there were a few.....young one's ........excellent!! It's all yours horsemen. Good luck with Samael. Return to me......if you make it back alive! Ja,ja,ja,ja!!!!

War then got close to the guardian and sounded the horn. The sleeping giant then awoke, the front part was split apart and it's hands were put next to War's sides.

Guardian: I hear the call of my.... ancestors......

The giant spoke in a deep and slowly voice. War answered swiftly.

War: You have been asleep for hundreds of years. The time has come for you to arisen.

Guardian: You are not a normal person...... Who exactly......are you?

War: I am War. I come to seek answers from Samael.

Guardian: By the maker. You are one of the four horsemen. You are against the destroyer you are my friend. But allas I cannot leave my post for I have been stolen my freedome to move freely by the shadow clan.

War: The shadow clan? I cannot enter the shadow realm.... I do not posses my powers anymore.

Guardian: I can provide you with a small amount of power to see beyond the shadows. But you must hurry. Before it is to late.

War: I thank you for this guardian.

Guardian: Now go. Find the shadow clan members and defeat them so that then I can move and your doubts be answerd.

Watcher: You really trust him?

War: What choice do I have?

The guardian then opened his mouth and he screamed in a low pitched voice giving War the power he needs. The hours passed and as the giant awaited for War's arival he did so and returned.

Guardian: I trust that you have done as I requested?

War: Yes. The shadow clan is no more.

Guardian: Be aware my friends for you have only mearly killed part of the shadow clan. The rest hold my brothers prisoners as well. You will find them throughout your journey. Free them as well so that we may all be free.

War: None will be free while the destroyer still lives.

Guardian: Yes. The destroyer to him we owe our imprisonment. Defeat him you must horsemen. Only then will we all be free. You are our only hope. You are, our savior.

The guardian then arose from where he stood, waved goodbye to war and left on his own peaceful journey

Watcher: I don't want to know what he was sealing from coming out.

War: To bad. We must continue.

Watcher: Fine! But don't say I didn't warn you!!!

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