Back to the Leaf

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"Hi" Kurama Speaking / Pov
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind or anyone thinking.

Time skip to when they got back to the leaf
No Pov

Luffy and his crew had finally made it to the Hidden in the Leaf village but before they started the walk to the Leaf Village Naruto said the crew a question.

"Hey guys may I change my name to something else?" Naruto asked a little shyly.

"Sure what were you thinking about?" Everyone said.

"I was thinking about Levi so my so called "family" doesn't recognize my name." Naruto said.

"I think that's a good name." Chopper said.

"Sounds good." Sanji and Zoro said.

"That's a sounds like a cool name!" Luffy said.

"That's a great name Naruto I mean Soijan." Usopp said.

"That's a nice name." Robin and Nami said.

"Thanks guys" Naruto replied.

They then walked to the Hidden Leaf Village. Once they reached the village and were stopped by an anbu guarding the village gate.

"Halt state your business." Said the anbu.

"We are here for the Chunin Exams." Nami replied for the rest of the crew

"Your going to have to check in with the Hokage for that follow me." He said as he lead the Straw Hat Crew to the Hokage's office.

Once they got to the Hokage's office he told the Hokage what happened and the Hokage nodded then the Anbu left.

Minato Pov

"I hear from my Anbu you want to participate in the Chunin Exams?" I asked.

"Yes our little brother would like to participate please." A orange haired girl answered as she pointed to a yellow haired boy behind her.

He looks familiar...weird.

"By himself?" I asked.

"Yes sir" The orange haired women answered.

"Ok well I'm going to need his name along with your names." I said.

"My name is Nami." The orange haired women replied.

"Name's Sanji." A man said with yellow hair and was smoking said.

"Roronoa Zoro" a green haired man with three swords said.

"My name's Chopper." A Reindeer said.

"My name is Luffy" a boy with a Straw Hat said.

"My name is Usopp" a man with a long nose said.

"My name is Levi" the boy with yellow hair said.

"Ok great well I will get you signed up all I need you to do is sign these papers so he can enter the Chunin Exams and participate solo but are you sure you want him to be on a solo team? The Chunin Exams are very dangerous." I warned.

"Yes we are sure." Everyone said.

"Ok then I just need you to sign this then." I said.

They then signed the paperwork after that they thanked me and left.

No Pov

"It was so hard to not punch the Hokage." Nami said.

Everyone agreed.

"We should get back to the ship now." Sanji said.

"Then tommorow I can show you around the village." Levi said.

"Sounds good now let's go back to the ship so we can EAT!!!!" Luffy yelled and then started running towards the ship.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter also pic is not mine I got it from google. Anyway might not be posting tommorow but I will try to post this week. Anyway peace ✌️.

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