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Pen Your Pride

Hi everyone!

This is a new story I'm considering entering for the watty awards. I've uploaded the first two chapters that I have written and will add more if readers like what they see.  

So let me know what you think please :)


Something worth Living for

Chapter 1

Allison Warner sat at the table of the Northern Lights restaurant, as she anxiously rung her fingers. She checked her watch every ten seconds as she impatiently awaited her boyfriend, Eric Denton - who earlier had called her saying he'd made reservation for them.

Apparently he had some real big news that he couldn't wait to share with her. Well whatever the news it must be pretty big. Reserving a table in one of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles definitely meant celebratory news. 

Checking her watch for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last four minutes, Allison decided to take a calming breath to ease the nerves that had been fluttering around in her stomach ever since this morning.

She smiled to herself, all the while running a loving hand over her abdomen.  

Eric might have big news, but she had some pretty big news of her own.

She'd been feeling under the weather for the past few days and had thought that maybe she had caught a bug of some sort. Believing it would blow over in time, she took no heed of the symptoms. As the days went by and still she felt the sickening nausea that came every time she caught a whiff of someone's perfume, be it to sweet or too spicy, or the smell of freshly baked goods - which happened to be her favourite smell in the world. It was then that Allison knew something was wrong with her. So rather than prolong the inevitable, she went to the doctors, knowing only they would be able to help her.

Dr Steward was an elderly man of fifty-six. He had been her family's doctor as far back as Allison could remember.  

As Allison sat on the examining table, dressed in the white gown, she was greeted by a pair of friendly blue eyes that matched a friendly smile. The old man's hairline was receding but he still looked as handsome as the day Allison met him, some eleven years ago.

"Allison, how are you today my dear? It seems like ages since I last saw you." He greeted his eyes held nothing but fondness as he spoke to her. 

"I'm doing well Dr Steward. How have you been?"  

He shrugged, "I can't complain. The practise has been doing well. Both my children are married and my wife is as beautiful as the day I met her."

These were things she missed most about Dr Steward. The way he spoke about his wife... Allison could only hope that someday down the line a man - and she's hoping that man would be Eric - would speak about her the way the doctor spoke about his wife.

Putting on his spectacles he said, "Now, why don't you tell me why you are here today." 

She proceeded to tell the doctor all about her bout of nausea, the swollenness of her breasts, the fact that she'd skipped a period - something she'd recently noticed - and the fact that her body ached in places she never imagined would ache.

The doctor looked at her seriously before giving his prognosis, "Allison, I believe that you are pregnant." 

Allison looked on at the doctor in shock. But how could that be? She took birth control and if that wasn't enough, she and Eric were always responsible, taking extra precautions.  

Yes, they were very responsible.

And then it hit her. They were responsible all except for that one time.  

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