Chapter 7

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        Sarah got out of bed while Peter was sound asleep. She walked downstairs very clumsily almost as she never used legs before. It's true. She is the devil. There is no more Sarah.

        Peter had woken from a terrible nightmare that he had murdered his father, mother, and his sister was possessed. Though it wasn't a dream. It was reality. He heard weird noises coming from the downstairs; almost as if a savage animal had come into the house. Peter knew it was Sarah since he woke up to only him in the bed. He grabbed the cross off the wall, and tiptoed downstairs.

        "Go back to hell!" Peter screamed. He pointed the cross at her.

        "Ahh!" Sarah screamed back. With a thought, Peter went flying through the wall.

        He landed hard in the kitchen wall. Sarah closed in. Peter took one last move of desperation, and held up the cross again. The devil screamed again, but this time he left her body for the cross made him weak.

        "Kill me Peter; I can't fight him anymore release me from this cruel world," Sarah bawled.

        "Don't worry I won't let him hurt you," Peter responded. "We're not safe here let's go."

        Peter helped Sarah back to her feet;they run to their car. The tires had been slashed. Peter and Sarah got back out of the car to run away. A car passed by, so Peter jumped in front. He took the gun out that he carried in his coat pocket, and before the driver could step in the pedal he was dead.

        "You killed that man Peter!" Sarah said in horror.

        "I had no other choice we need to get out of here," Peter responded.

        "Whatever where are we going?

        "Aunt Elma and Uncle Jeffrey's house," Peter said. That's the only place I can think of.

        An hour passed, and Sarah was half asleep. Peter kept glancing over to see if she was okay. Sarah looked out the window to see a black Cadillac following them.

        "We're being followed," Sarah whispered.

        "What no are you sure?" Peter asked.

        "Yes just step on it,"

        At the slightest increase that Peter made the mysterious black car started to shoot the window. Peter, and Sarah ducked their heads.

        "Lose em," Sarah said.

        Peter swirled between Lanes, and cars for what seemed like years, but finally He made one more sharp right turn that sent the mysterious car into a truck.

        "We lost em," Peter sighed.

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