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Elara's POV

Me and Izzy were walking side by side on the roof while watching or target intently.

We then jumped down and started heading inside the club.

I noticed that Jace wasn't behind me so I turned around and saw him talking to a pretty red haired girl.

"Jace!" Me and Alec called him in sync.

He then turned towards us then looked at the red haired girl one last time before heading towards us.

"Who was that?" I asked slightly amused that he was actually interested on someone other than what he sees when he looks at the mirror.

"No one come on."


As we entered me and Izzy looked at each other then nodded.

We slowly walk up the small stage and took off our coats and Izzy took of her wig off while I untied the ribbon in my hair since my hair was held back in a low ponytail with a black ribbon.

As we turned around we swayed our hips seductively in the music while catching the attention of the demons while Jace goes to talk to our target.

As I look around and I see Alec watching me intently and I lock eyes with him and I send him a wink.

All were going according to plan when the girl from earlier suddenly shouted "Watch out!"

Oh by the angels were gonna be in trouble for this.

Then the fight broke out.

Izzy immediately turned her bracelet into a whip whilst I turned mine into a staff.

We continued fighting till the demons were all dead and looked around to see the red head running out.

"You guys get back to the institute I'll go after her." Jace said.

We nod and went back to the institute.


I was walking to the ops room when I see the red head awake and then I noticed the boy next to her.

Oh by the angels Jace were gonna get in trouble.

"Why is there a mundane in the institute?" Me and Alec ask in sync.

"A circle member followed him to get to Clary." Jace informs and I nod my head and tune out their conversation while following them and I get snapped out of my thoughts when the mundane asked something.

"What exactly are runes?"

"They give us our demon fighting powers." Izzy says while dragging me with her and running her stele on my angelic power rune.

"So hot." He blurts out.

Then Jace glares at him and Alec clears his throat.

His eyes then widened in realization and quickly correct him self. "The rune."

Then they discussed things about this Dot woman and decided to go and find her.

"Hey sorry guys I can't come I'm tired and I'm going to take a nap before going to Idris."

They nodded in understanding and I got up and went to my room and changed to some shorts and oversized shirt.

I woke up and decided to get ready for me and grandmas dinner in Idris tonight.

I woke up and decided to get ready for me and grandmas dinner in Idris tonight

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I spotted the group and headed towards them.

"We have to tell the clave about what we found out about Valentine." I heard Alec.

"That what? That hes my father? Great. Go. Tell them. What good does that do Simon." I heard the red head.

"Hold on what?" I ask confused.

"We went to the city of bones since we didn't find Dot and found out that Valentine is Clary's father." Alec informed.

"Hold on whos Clary?" I ask confused again.

"Hi I'm Clary, whats your name?" Clary said.

"Elara but please call me Ela." I said and smiled softly at her.

Then they discussed things about Simon which happens to be the mundanes name has been kidnapped by vampires in exchange for the mortal cup.

"Look guys as much as I want to help I have to go I have dinner with grandma in a few minutes."

"Its okay." Clary said.

I said goodbye to them before Alec walked me to the door.

"You look great." He said.

I gasp dramatically. "A compliment from Alec Lightwood? Man I gotta keep this in my rare moments compartment."

We both chuckle.

"But thanks Alec."

"No problem."

Just then the portal openned and I quickly hug Alec before stepping in the portal.


I spotted grandma immediately and hugged her.

I know shocker right? Imogen Herondale the cold hearted Inquisitor hugging me.

"Elara my sweet child! Oh how grandma missed you."

"I missed you too grandma."

"You look great. Now lets eat we don't want our food to be cold when we eat it don't we."

We both chuckle and made our way to pur table and ate while talking as well.

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