I'm Sorry

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Hershel stepped forward to examine the baby that Maggie had passed to Carl. “Good thing is she looks healthy. But she needs formula.” He spoke covered the small baby girl back up in Carl’s shirt. “And soon or she won’t survive.”

Daryl, who had stepped up along with everyone else to catch a glimpse of the child, looked at Hershel and shook his head. “Nope. No way. Not her.” He slung his crossbow over his shoulder and looking determined. They weren’t going to lose anyone else. Not if he could help it. “We ain’t losing nobody else. I’m going for a run.”

“I’ll back you up.” Maggie quickly spoke.

“I’ll go, too.” Glenn stated.

Daryl nodded at the two. “Ok, think where we’re going. Beth.” He pulled the younger Greene away from the others a bit. “Kid just lost his mom. His dad ain’t doing so hot.” He whispered.

“I’ll look out for him,” She answered nodding to the older man.

Before Beth could turn around and head back for the group, Daryl grabbed her arm stopping her. “Watch Riley. I can’t have anything happen to him, too.” He let go of Beth and yelled at the prisoners. “You two get the fence. Too many pile up, we got ourselves a problem. Glenn, Maggie, vámonos.” Daryl hesitated, eyes widening at speaking Spanish, something he had just learned that Chelsea could do. She even taught him a few words the night after they had found the prisoners. Daryl shook his head, needing to concentrate on the task at hand and shouted, “Come on, we’re gonna lose the light,” not even paying attention to Rick running off by himself.

“There’s a Piggly Wiggly on 85,” Glenn stated running after Maggie and Daryl.

“No, the baby section’s been cleared,” Maggie said. “Lori asked me to keep an eye out. I haven’t had much luck.”

“Is there any place that hasn’t been completely looted?” Daryl questioned removing his crossbow from his shoulders.

“We saw signs for a shopping center just north of here.”

“Yeah, but there’s too much debris on the road. A car will never get through there.” Maggie stated leaning on the opened car door.

“I can take one of you.” Daryl replied.

“I’ll go.”

Daryl nodded and stepped away from the two, preparing himself for the trip. He threw on his poncho and pulled out Chelsea’s gun that he had found back in the tombs. Quickly he loaded it with ammunition before starting his bike. Maggie soon joined him and they were off, hoping to find something for the baby.

A good fifteen twenty minutes passed before they happened upon what looked like a daycare. “Company’s close. Stay tight.” Daryl said.

They both made their way into the empty playground, looking for an entrance. Seeing none, Maggie began smashing the glass of a window while Daryl kept a look out. By the time Daryl had crawled through the window, Maggie was already stuffing different items into her bag. Once clearing what looked to be the infant/toddler room, they both exited making their way down the hall. One to the left and one to the right. A noise from a room brought them back together. Daryl held his crossbow up and indicated Maggie to open the closet door. She wrenched it open only to be met with a hissing opossum, which Daryl took no time in shooting.

“Hello, dinner.”

“I’m not putting that in my bag.” Maggie stated disgusted as she turned around.

They continued to search the room piling whatever they could find into their bags. Neither spoke, too busy focusing on their tasks that kept them from thinking about the people they had lost.

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