Chapter Twenty-Five; New Start

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On the side is Jericho, who is played by Jayy Von Monroe! <3>

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My mother paced unevenly, as we waited outside for my unknown uncle. Collin waited on the porch while Emery and I waited beside my mother, hand in hand. A gentle breeze sprayed over my family and I.

It turns out; my uncle Emeric was living in the next town over. He was married to a man named Jericho Dane. Emeric and my grandmother had kept in touch and apparently Emeric was ecstatic to see my mother.

I didn’t have time to panic as a black BMW pulled into our long drive.

I’m felt extremely nervous for both me and my mother. It parked in front of us and gleamed in the light. Emery gave my hand a gentle squeeze as the driver’s door opened, shortly followed by the passenger.

My breath caught as I set eyes on both of them.

The man from the driver’s seat looked way younger than how I pictured him, even though he was older than my mother.

He was tall with flowing brown and blonde hair that fell in curls just below his ears. His deep brown eyes melted like chocolate as they scanned the area. His pink lips were pursed, laying eyes on my mother. His body was built and semi muscled under his plaid shirt and blue jeans. He was good looking for his age.

 I had seen pictures of him and my mother when they were younger, he hadn’t changed too much. He ran a hand through his hair and walked to my mother. He looked her up and down and bit his lip. My mother stared down at the ground, chewing her lip as well. The man, I’m guessing was Emeric, gave her a sweet smile. He tackled her in a hug, surprising my mom. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him and cried into his shoulder.

 “I missed you, Anya.” He breathed in her hair.

“Awh, that is just too cute. Do I get a turn?” A baritone voice said from the side. I looked over to see the second man from the passenger side, leaning against the BMW with a smug grin on his pretty face.

He was tall, but not as tall as Emeric. His black hair stuck up at the right angle, spare locks falling in his face. His multi colored eyes twinkled as he looked to my mother and uncle with pure love.

My mother sobbed even harder and ran to the man, attacking him to. Emery squeezed my hand, making me smile. The taller man looked to me with a small half grin.

“So, Anya, when did you plan on introducing us to the rest of your family?” His deep voice rang through the sky, echoing of walls. My mother turned to us with tears of joy in her eyes.

“Beck, this is Emeric and Jericho Sage. Both of you, this is my son, Beck.” My mother sniffed with a smile. I waved shyly and pulled Emery closer. Jericho gave me a grin and moved to stand by Emeric’s side.

“So, I heard you just came out of the closet, kid.” Emeric chuckled with a grin. I flushed but nodded.

“Yeah, this is my boyfriend, Emery Carter.” I said with a beam, locking my arms around Emery’s tiny waist. Emery blushed and held out a hand. Before Emeric could take it, Jericho pushed past him and shook it. Emeric chuckled shook his head, putting his arms around Jericho, much like how I was with Emery. Jericho pulled back from Emery and relaxed against Emeric.

“So you’re Beck. I haven’t seen you since you were two. You’ve gotten much taller.” Emeric said with a wink. I flushed and nodded. My mother strode towards us and stood beside me. She looked down then looked back up, her green eyes twinkled.

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