Chapter 1

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This is the first time I publish one of my fics so I'm a bit nervous about it..

I love McLennon stories so you will find that in my stories.

(I don't own the Beatles)

This will be a multi chaptered fic and I don't yet know where it will end...

I hope you like it!

February 1964, in a hotel room during an world tour

Ringo was sitting comfortably in a big armchair enjoying an article in the newspaper written about them. It was a nice room this time. Two large bedrooms connecting to this big sitting room and the room had a nice lightning. Not so dark as some other hotel rooms they've been in.

They were waiting for Brian to come and get them to go downstairs to meet some lucky fans who won a meeting with the Beatles.

Although... actually it was just him waiting there and.... ah...there was another Beatle... Paul was lying on a sofa on his back with his eyes closed. Ringo slowly put down his newspaper and glanced over to Paul.

The normally most excited one of the four of them, with his never ending happy smile and giggling about the jokes of the other three, didn't look so excited to him at the moment.

Paul shifted a little and let out a little moan and Ringo noticed that he was rubbing his stomach very softly with one of his hands.

"Hey Paulie.... you alright mate?..." Ringo asked.

No answer...."Hmmm".. Ringo thought. This wasn't good. Paul always answered them. No matter how tired the lad was...unless.... Ringo knew how upset Paul could get if he had a stomach ache and especially when he felt nausea. He also knew how much he really hated to throw up. So Ringo got up from his comfortable position and slowly walked over to Paul to see what was wrong with him.

Getting closer to him, he noticed the very pale face and little drops of sweat on his forehead. "Oh dear..." Ringo thought again. "Not good at all".

He looked around the room. Where the hell were the other two? Especially John. He was always the only one to give Paul the comfort he needed when he felt sick. Nope... no Lennon in sight.

Ringo knelt down next to Paul and very gently put his hand on Paul's forehead while he softly asked again "Hey Paulie...what's the matter? You alright...?".

This time Paul slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ringo with watery eyes and softly answered "Hey Rings...." he sighted "....I don't't feel so good actually....".

"What's wrong then? "Ringo asked "Your stomach hurts?"

"...Yeah....don't know why...I felt good when I woke up this morning....started after breakfast I think..." Paul sighted again and closed his eyes while he put his other hand on his stomach too and asked more like a whisper " ...Where's...John...?"

"I'll go looking for him. You just lay down okay? Be right back.." Ringo assured the sick one sweetly as he softly stroked his hand through Paul's sweaty, slightly wet hair... Paul nodded keeping his eyes closed.

Meanwhile in the next room John and George were having a big argument. John just found out something he didn't like. No, not at all.

"What do you mean, you want to share rooms with Paul?! I always share rooms with him!!" John shouted at George.

"I think it's my turn now!! You've shared rooms with him almost the whole tour and now I want to!!" George shouted back.

"But...WHY?!! For fuck sake?!!" John shouted again.

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