chapter 5 (^ω^)

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Chapter 5
Abby's POV

My hands snapped to my head as I sat up in the bed. What the hell did I do last night...? I asked myself.

"THIS IS HER?! OH MY SHES SO PRETTY!!!" my eyes snapped open looking at a girl with silver hair and violet eyes. "Sabrina keep it down, she just woke up." Sebastian's voice filled my ears,as he came over handing me some pills and a water bottle "its for the hangover babe" I took the nasty pills and drank some water as sabrina came over and hugged me tight. "Gmphff~?" I said in unautoable groan "hello I'm Sabrina the betas daughter, Sebastian wanted me to meet you, you and me will be spending lot of time together!" I blinked a couple times after she stopped talking. 'Man this girl can talk'

Sabrina sat up and looked at me as I stared at Sebastian with worry. "Don't worry honey she won't hurt you." He had a small smile on his face resureing me that I was fine. "Hello s-sabrina.." I said with a shy stutter. She smiles and poked my nose "hello little Missy". She put a strand of my hair behind my ear I flinched a bit "i-im sorry."

Sebastian growled lowly tenseing up a bit. I smiled at Sabrina "we have a lot planned today" I tilted my head a bit and looked at Sebastian with a confused look. "What is planned exactly...?" I asked looking at Sebastian. He ignore my gaze and looked at sabrina, "she'll tell you once you get dressed,I have a meeting right now so I gotta go". He came over and kissed my forehead before leaving me alone with sabrina.

I sat on my bed, yawning holding my water bottle. Sabrina sat on the side of my bed looking at me like she was studying my face. "Pretty~" she said as I looked at her. "Hmm?" She blushed and looked away "come on Abby you need to get dressed." Her head was down watching the floor. "Umm...okay help me pick out a outfit, can you?" She smiled to herself and stood up "yeah I can let's go" she helped me up and we walked to the closet.
'Man this girl is strange I wonder what Sebastian is doing...'

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