Chapter 5

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Tanner awoke with his mate by his side. 'I assume she's forgiven me.' Tanner thought to himself.
"I have forgiven you," Alana whispered.
"Mind reading must be a new hobby of yours." Tanner chuckled to himself.
"You were squirming and calling my name all throughout the night, I figured that you meant no harm, so I forgave you and came over here. Besides I missed the two nights not sleeping next to my wolfdog." Alana licked Tanners nose, and he nuzzled her neck.
"Would you like to have a quick morning hunt alongside your mate?" Tanner bowed before her.
"I would love to my liege." Alana bowed back. The two trotted passed Beta.
"Where are you to love dogs going?" Beta chirped, oddly happy.
"We would like to take a morning hunt. Would you like us to round everyone up so we get well nourished for today?" Tanner happily chirped back at her.
"I would love that. Alpha would thank you also, but he can't, because he's asleep." The three chucked as Tanner and Alana trotted to round up all the hunting dogs.
"Who's ready for a 'wake up hunt.'" Tanner barked to the group, as more of a statement rather than a question, which is how Tanner usually gets the dogs rounded up. By disguised force.
The dogs quickly set out to find as much game as possible, every dog needs nourishment. The pack travels so far in a day, the day requires a healthy, large summed meal, to keep everyone in order and along the trails.
After about thirty minutes of continuous hunting, the pack of dogs met at the set checkpoint. So far they had enough to feed the pack twice, no dog would go hungry today, not under Tanner's guard.
"Well, how's for more hunting." Ava smiled at the group, all the dogs groaning in discontent.
"The eagerness is tremendous among you all." Alana giggled.
"No offense to either of you," Camille pants, "but I think that we've done quite enough for now." She grinned showing her long white incisors. Camille looks exactly how most expect a siberian husky to look. Black rounding around her face with white around her eyes and muzzle, grey speckling the edges of both. Ava laughs and nudges Camille playfully, "Let's head back to the pack. What do you say, Tanner?"
"I couldn't have said that any better." Tanner chuckles.
The dogs were gathering up all the game when a crash could be heads from the trees just outside the mini clearing. Everyone froze unsure of what the crash could've been. Before anyone could even think a flash of black ad white streaked from the bushes followed by a tall, slender, figure. Along the tree line are two shadowy figures, one fluffy and the other massive and bulky.
"Surround the game!" Tanner commanded to the pack, and they did as they were ordered. The pack was surrounded by a small group of misfit burglars.
"Back away from the game and nobody gets hurt." Snarled the large bulky figure now emerged from the shadows of the trees and standing before them. The dog was big, approximately as big as Tanner, a mastiff of some sort, but he was also sloppy. His feet pound the earth with every step as he places them carelessly one after the other. The other dogs vary in shape and size as well. Tanner cocks his head at the mastiff challengingly.
"Don't test him mutt." A miniature husky not barely as tall as Tanners shoulder, "you'll regret it."
"Did they shrink a husky in a lab or something?" Demarco laughed and sat back on his haunches. The little dog glared at him.
"I'm an Alaskan Klee Kai mutt-head! I am bred to be this small!" The little Kai is surely more feisty than his fur. The little dogs voice is squeaky, similar to that of a puppy.
"We want that game" the big clumsy dog, now noticed to be a Borzoi said, his voice deep and slurred.
"There's plenty of game in the forest. Why do you want just ours?" Kodiak was almost laughing, "I mean can you guys not hunt?" The whole pack was chuckling, every dog now sitting down, unthreatened.
The last dog in the tree line stepped out of the shadows, walking straight up to the mastiff. "You dunce, didn't I tell you that this wouldn't work. The only one who's ever been in a fight is you." The cocked spaniel cuffs him on the ear, like the punishment a mother gives to her pup when misbehaving. The mastiff backs down in an insant, "We now go to my plan." She turns towards Tanner, "Are you the leader?" She asked him politely.
"I am," Tanner puffs his chest a bit, "what is your concern."
"We are starving. We don't know how to hunt. Also on top of that were being tracked down by a psycho wolf pack wh-" Tanner interrupts her.
"What is the alphas name of the wolf pack?"
"Axx, I believe. Why?"
"Follow us, we need to leave now."
"What do you mean fol-"
"Listen there's not much time to explain. Just trust us and follow. You have my word, we won't hurt you." Alana bows her head to the cocker spaniel.
"Dogs move out. Keep the new dogs close behind." Tanner calls out and the dogs start to run.
The dogs make it back to the pack. "Shiloh go get your parents. I'm calling an emergency meeting."
"Yes sir!" Shiloh barks, within seconds he's running back to theme it's Beta and Alpha at his heels.
"What is it Tan-"Alpha stops when he sees the other dogs, "Tanner what is going on."
"Call an emergency meeting, I'll explain then." As the dogs gather, Dallin and Ava pass out the game.
"Everydog listen up!" Tanner barks loudly, silencing the crowd. "These dogs behind me are in danger, just as we are, in the same situation actually. Axx and his pack are following us, an them. We need to leave immediately and cover up our tracks. As we get to the forest edge I want everyone to find some game scat or dead leaves, and roll in it. These dos are now one of us, I trust them whole-hearted and if my trust is mistaken, I will deal with them personally. Everyone eat quickly we will leave in 4 minutes time." Tanner looks over his shoulder and beckons for the four going dogs to come to him, "Please, introduce yourselves."
"I'm Jaxi!" The little Kai jumps up immediately, "Jax for short."
"I'm Braunus, Braun for short." The large mastiff barks boldly.
"I'm Oswald, Oz for short." The Borzoi slurs out his name.
"And I'm Corona, everyone calls me Cory." The elegant looking cocker spaniel bows her head to the group of dogs, "I cannot tell you how thankful we are. I was only expecting food but now we get protection also. We will not be any trouble whatsoever, you have my word." She goes back to eating her rabbit leg.
Alpha walk up slowly to Tanner, "May I speak with you Tanner?"
"Yes, of course." The two step away from the crowd, Beta following them, "I know this is a risk, Alpha, but if I made a mistake in trusting these dogs I will handle it completely."
"I know that, I just wasn't expecting you to invite them into the pack."
"They aren't in the pack, we are just running alongside there's."
"For more mutuality, they might as well be in our pack. Toshima will still be Omega unfortunately."
Tanner bows his head to Alpha, "I respect that, but were is she anyways."
"She's just getting a little extra rest, I brought her food, she's just resting up a bit more." Beta tells Tanner.
He walks back to the back, "Leaving in two minutes! Finish up." Most dogs are done an ready to leave.
Out of random Toshima leaves the den and races to the nearby bushes, snarling fiercely. She is in attack position when the bushes rustle. Other dogs follow suit pushing Toshima back, Alpha and Tanner in front.
The bushes rustle, some more. A burly black figure, the size of Tanner steps out. Axx.

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