Chapter Twelve:It's Like Finding Out McGonagall Wears Negligees to Bed

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Chapter Twelve:It's Like Finding Out McGonagall Wears Negligees to Bed

Coming out of the gym shower I'm a little amused to see Cole and Bentley trying their best to not have a standoff. It's actually cute how hard they're trying but the awkwardness is coming off in waves from their direction. Pulling my hair up in a bun I walk towards them and try to get Cole away from my poor new friend before his new found patience disappears.

"Hey, I'm all done. Should we go get some lunch?"

Cole looks relieved as the tension drains from his face. He grabs my hand and glowers at Bentley who's shuffling his feet.

"See you tomorrow?" I smile at him but his face just reddens in response.

"I can't...I mean I won't be here tomorrow." He scratches the back of his neck.

"Oh," I'm disappointed. He isn't just my trainer but has become a good friend in a place where I've struggled to find them. We don't get a lot of time to hangout, especially considering he's a senior and in all kinds of pain this semester.

"You're working in the evening then?"

"No, I took the day off, I kinda have a date."

My eyes widen, this wasn't what I was expecting to hear.

"Really? You met someone?"

Next to me I can practically hear Cole rolling his eyes as he tugs at my hand. "That's how it works Tessie. You meet someone and if you don't hate their guts in the first fifteen minutes of getting to know them then you invite them for dinner and a movie and if you still don't feel like choking them you go on another one."

He directs his question to Bentley, "This isn't your first date is it? You look way too happy for it to be with someone you just met."

"No, her name's Amanda...I met her a couple of weeks ago, she uh she works at the campus bookstore and I've had a few classes with her before as well..."

His face lights up a little and I realise that I'm truly happy for him regardless of Cole's teasing.

"That's awesome then! I hope you have a great time with her! Let me know if you'd be interested in going on a double date sometime soon."

It's almost comical how both boy's have an eerily similar look of horror on their faces right now.

Okay then, no to double dates.


"Double date with Bentley? Did you have this idea the same time as you decided to try out for the dance team mid semester?"

Cami scowls at me as we stand outside the dorm room of the captain of said team in an attempt to talk her into letting me audition. Most girls in the team have applied for dance scholarships, others tried out in the beginning when the student run clubs put up flyers. I at the time was felt so overwhelmed and out of place that I decided not to become part of any of them. Hence when I'm not studying I've had a lot of spare time on my hands and I realise that that's part of the reason why my thoughts have become so self destructive, why I've been questioning pretty much everything in my life. So to put an end to that I've decided on a new beginning, one where the focal point of my existence isn't whether or not where the vicious vultures will take Cole away from me or not.

"What's wrong with a double date? Cole's my boyfriend, Bentley's my friend and if I want to hang out with both of them then I should be able to."

"Am I the only one that notices Cole's urge to decapitate any guy who's even slightly interested in you?" I open my mouth to protest but she slaps her hand over it, "And don't even tell me that Bentley's not into you because he is."

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