Chapter Three: Gravy Boat

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“You’re just in time, kid. I was just finishing off the last of the offerings.”

Offerings? Kas asked by psi, confused. To the sea caelestis?

“No, apparently this gravy boat seems to think that the dragons themselves are gods.”

That is absurd, Kas replied by psi after he took his sheath from his mouth and fastened it back to his belt on reaching the deck of the ship. The route he took to it proved harder than it should have been, as his body still shook from the speed he had travelled unresting through the Keol. Only to be drenched in the freezing ocean water on emerging from it. The pressure still compressed his inner ears and head. Now the very wind seemed against him as the rest of his senses finally caught up to make him shake from the cold.

“I’m glad to have your blessing then,” Hain said as he finished off the last of the bottle. “But how ever did you catch up so fast?”

I have to save the last hope for the world from death, dragons and my father’s phelan. Just how fast should I have run?

“Hmmm,” Hain said unsure of Kas’ excuse as he looked around to the calm waves of the Eternal Waters. He clearly looked perplexed.

You forgot I can also fly.

“Ah go figure, the stupid pigeon,” Hain said with distaste. 

Kas knew that Hain hated griffins and the fact that Gwa was a Custos didn’t change much of his mind, and likely never would.

“So how did it go with your father?”

Kas decided to preoccupy his thoughts from the question to the somewhat-empty deck. You start by telling me what happened to his finest mercenaries…?

“Well, I did everything I could to persuade them to take the other ship, but all they saw was a trickster and didn’t listen. Then with one sight of my Muse, they chose this one instead,” Hain explained.

Kas was not seeing what was so special about the GLORIA to inspire Hain, before looking up to the pluma somnus that sat on the highest beams of the sails.

“Complete with two Awls.

How exactly do two Awls get along on one ship?

“Wonderfully. We even come trained beforehand to stay the hell out of each other’s face. Now stop staring at him before you make a problem for yourself by getting his attention—like the other ones did. He’s particularly touchy around those who have bad manners.

“How are you still alive then?”

“My charm is still more useful than my manners.”

“Or reading?”

“Don’t start with me again, kid. If you’re going to be a vagabond, you’re going to have to learn to act like one, starting now.”

“Alright, who is insulting the Lady?” Gloria asked as she tied up her hair into a bun, to keep its dark red curls from being tangled by the wind as she emerged from below deck.

“He meant the gravy bowl,” Hain said in Kas’ defense as he dumped the bottle onto his hands. It was just the right weight to turn the scale of her attention towards him.


“Now now, be a good boy and shut up and learn something.

I cannot believe you.

“That chardonnay was marked to be part of our offerings,” Gloria said with a scornful look that dropped one of her curls free and over her eye.

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