Chapter 20

   I slowly opened my eyes once I smelled the cinnamon buns.  I took off my zebra printed covers; the cold air hitting me like a brick.  I swung my feet over the side, and they hit the rug.  Rubbing the crust off my eyes, I made my way to the door; the smell leading me down the steps, and into the living room.  I soon saw the blurry figures of four boys after I wiped the rest of the crust off my eyes.

     “Hey Katy!”  All of the boys said once they saw me.

     “Hey guys.  Where’s Harry at?”  I asked the boys once I had all of my sight back. 

      “Oh, he is in the kitchen making cinnamon buns!”  Niall said excitedly.

  “Ok…well I’m hungry, I’m gonna see how much longer it will take.  I told them.  I walked through the kitchen door to find Harry cooking breakfast in only boxers.  Oh well whatever, it’s not like he’s naked.  Harry still hadn’t noticed me though.

   “Hey Harry!”  I said in an upbeat tone.

    “Hey Little Munchkin; how’d you sleep?”  Harry asked me as he spread the frosting overtop of the buns.

   “Hey I’m not that little!  And I slept fine.  Also, could I have first choice?”  I asked while eyeing cinnamon buns.   

  “Yeah, sure.  Which one do yah want?”  Harry asked me.  He had finished topping the buns with the glaze, and now had an oven mitt while he was standing parallel with the stove top.  The cinnamon buns were on top of the stove; their cinnamoniey goodness floating around the room.  I grabbed a plate from the cabinet, and skipped over to Harry.

   “This one!”  I said pointing to the smallest one, but with the most glaze on top of it.

   “But why didn’t you get the biggest one though?”  Harry asked me.

   “I’m not that hungry, besides Niall or one of the other boys would rather have it!”  I said.

  “But you could have the biggest one; without having to fight for it!”  Harry said, bewildered that I didn’t choose the biggest one.

  “I really did just want the one with the most glaze.  It turns out this time, it was the smallest one.  And like I said before, I’m not that hungry, and Niall or one of you guys may rather have it!”  I said with a smile.  I set my plate next to Harry while he was cutting my bun from the rest. 

  “Hey Katy, could you do me a favor and get the cups, plates, and utensils for everyone?”  He asked me while he put mine on my plate. 

  “Yeah sure.”  I said while walking to the cabinet to get the plates.  I set them next to Harry, and he started to separate the cinnamon buns and put two on each plate.  I went back and got the cups and utensils, and set each of them on a placemat.  One cup and one utensil for each boy.  I then went to the fridge and got out the Apple Juice and Orange Juice and set them onto the table. 

  “COME AND GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!”  Harry shouted to the other boys.  I quickly got mine and sat at the table; poured myself a glass of Apple Juice.  Tons of footsteps made their way into the kitchen. 





  Everyone shouted out what they wanted, and Harry tried to fill everyone’s orders.  It was funny because everyone was shouting, rushing, and shoving each other.

    Finally after about five minutes, everyone was content with what they got, and seated.  Niall of course got his own batch.  Harry had originally made three batches for everyone to share, but Niall claimed one for himself- Leaving two batches of six cinnamon buns for four guys and one girl. 

  “Now is everyone set? No one needs anything, correct?”  Harry asked right before he sat down.  Everyone shook their heads, and Harry sat in his chair. 

   “Well dig in!”  He said.  Niall was already on his second and moaning with delight, when I took my first bite. 

  “Gosh Harry, these are really good!”  I said.  My taste buds were literally dancing while the cinnamon bun slid down my throat.

  “Thank you Hazza!  You’re the best!” Louis said while giving Harry a big hug.  I took a sip of my drink, and kept eating.

  Soon everyone was finished with their breakfast, and we were putting the dishes into the sink.    

     Ring ring ring the home phone rang.  All eyes went to it, and Liam picked it up. 

   “Hello?  Yes, this is the residence; you want to speak to Mr. Horan?   Um… Well here you go.”  Liam said.  He passed the phone to Niall, and Niall took the phone uneasily into his hands. 

  “Yes, this is he.  Now why are you calling?  WAIT, WHAT?  But I adopted her, you can’t do that!” Niall was shouting into the phone now, and all of the boys looked at me.  Louis and Harry came over and hugged me, knowing it was the orphanage. 

Of course it was the stupid orphanage calling.  If they thought for one minute that they could take me away.  They can screw themselves.  I thought inside my head.  The boys started laughing and I realized that I said it out loud. 

  “Oops…”  I said while trying to stifle my laughs to a minimum.  Zayn and Liam gave me big smiles to try and brighten the mood.

  “Fine, you can think that, but you will never be getting her back.  Mark my words.”  Niall said into the phone with a tone even the boys thought was scary. Harry hugged me tighter, but I could still breathe; Louis took in a sharp intake of breath, and Liam & Zayn’s eyes got wider.  Niall angrily disconnected the caller, and slammed the phone onto the counter.  All while mumbling curse words.

  “Fucking cunts, think that they can take her away.  Fucking orphanage not meeting its regulations.  Fucking Bastards that fricken stalk us and every stinking move we make.”  Niall said, thinking that no one could hear him.  I untangled myself from Harry and Louis, and made my way over to Niall.  A single tear slowly made its way down his cheek.  I reached up and wiped it from his cheek. 

  “Who was it?”  I asked Niall.  Knowing fully it was the orphanage. 

  “It was the orphanage.  They said if you get seriously hurt or something bad happens to you, they’ll take you from me.  Even if I adopted you.  It’s like they have stinking cameras everywhere we go!”  He said with yet another tear running down his face.  I wiped that one off too. 

  “Don’t cry, you’re going to make everyone else cry.”  I said with a small smile on my face.  Niall tried to listen to me, and attempted to replace his frown with a small smile.  But it wasn’t really working.  Niall picked me up from the ground, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  My arms circled around his neck and my head went on the crook between his head and neck.  He hugged me tight and close.  It was the best hug I had ever received in my life.  I heard a click, but didn’t give two ships about it. 

  “I’m trying to be the best big brother I can, but it isn’t really working with the orphanage people following us around everywhere.  And I’ve never had a sister, but I’m trying to be the best… but I’m only turning out to be the worst.” Niall whispered with his head in my hair, and his mouth next to my ear.  It was a regular brother – sister moment, and I loved it; even if it wasn’t under the best of conditions.

  “But you are being the best.  I can honestly say that you guys are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”  I said, whispering back to him.  He hugged me tighter, and I hugged him harder back. 

  “Can we join?”  I heard from behind us.  I picked up my head, and turned to see four boys with small smiles on their faces.  I nodded my head, and the boys automatically moved to us.  Each of their hands circled around Niall and me, forming a weird looking circle.  We were a family… a highly dysfunctional one at that.      

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