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Elara's POV


"Yeah Iz?"

"Lets get our nails done come on."

"Iz" I whine.

"Oh hush you will come whether you like it or not." She says dragging me along to get our nails done.

Well thats my Parabati Isabelle Lightwood but she likes to be called Izzy.

"Okay so I want a not so short but also not so long black coffin nails." Izzy says to the lady who'll do her nails.

I kinda tuned out their conversation since I missed grandma but luckily I have dinner with her in Idris a few days from now.

"Hi, how would you like your nails done miss?" The lady who will do my nails asked.

"Oh I just want mine a simple french tip but also with some length." I say.

"Okay." She says.

A few hours later...

A few hours later

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"Thank you." Me and Izzy said. We go pay at the casier.

At the institute...

I got to my bedroom immediately after saying goodnight to Izzy.

I changed into some sweat pants and a tanktop and went to take a nap before going back to work later.


"E, wake up we have a mission." Izzy said while shaking me.

I yawn and sit up to face Izzy.

"Hmm... where?"

She drags me to her room and shuts the door.

"We're going to a club." She says excited.

I chuckle at her.

"Okay lets get ready." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes when Izzy squealed.

I was looking through Izzy's closet while she was changing.

Don't get me wrong I have all sorts of clothes from formal ones to party and comfy ones, me and Izzy just like to take turns on whos clothes we're going to wear when it comes to missions like these ones, besides the fact that we take advantage of our same size in clothes and shoes.

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