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Today is a big day for the TEEN FIX fam.

We are Turning one!

The day we started we never expected we would reach till here,

There has been many ups, and the ups were perfectly equal to the downs we faced,

There were days where we lost all our energy and there were also days where we were filled with energy!

We fight for our respect and can't bear when someone looks down at us.

All of us are a tiny but not so tiny family,

Each day teaches us new lessons and gives us memories,

The way we mingle with each other it feels like a big family living together in a big home filled with loads of bonds, emotions, cute angry things, love and lots more,

When we just have a person to share things we feel so happy, but when you have so many members around you just to share things and,

scold you on your silly things and give you emotional as well mental support when needed,


Hope the almighty keeps us bonded like this for the coming years also,

And give us many more experiences and chances to feel love in this family!!


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