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(Victoria's POV)✨

" g'morning " kris said while smirking when i stood up and I realized that i was only wearing a transparent over sized buttoned shirt OMG what should i do then he grabbed my waist and pinned me to the wall and kissed me hardly and passionately yet pleasurably then he whispered in my ear " Are you trying to seduce me "'he said smirking whit his husky deep sexy voice then his hands were roaming my body uhhh why is his touch making me feel so good then he started unbuttoning the first and second button so I decided to go with the flow to see if i am enough for him to see if i am better than jessica " well is it working " i said smirking " then he chuckled and stopped " no " he said coldly i was dazed after all that he's not interested of course I'm just a fat unappealing girl then i went to the bathroom and took a shower now I'm determined to show him that I'm better than that bitch jessica then i came out i wore my clothes and packed my stuff


That must be kris uhh then i went out and entered the car it was silent then kris broke the silence " so what do you think of Prague " asked kris " hhhmmm " i just hummed in approval after a few minutes we arrived at the airport " we're here " said kris i just nodded before i could get out of the car kris grabbed my hand and pulled me closer " why are you like this " asked kris i just looked away then he pulled me closer and kissed me i was taken aback in the car in front of the airport this is gonna be so embarrassing if someone saw us " k..kri..kris s..stop " i managed to say through the kiss then he broke the kiss " why " he said " not here " i said looking down " fine " he said then he got off and so i did and we were waiting for our flight " the flight to Poland pls go to gate 4 " said the announcer then me and kris entered the plane and we took our seats in the first class seats silently after 20 minutes we were in the air then i had to go to the bathroom kris was sleeping i stood up and made my way until i bumped into someone " oh I'm really sorry " i said and when i looked up to my shock it was Jason my ex i was shocked " oh! Victoria hi what are you doing coming to Poland " he asked " actually I'm her-- " I was cut by someone I looked up and it was k kris he held my waist and pulled me closer " oh so you're here with your boyfriend " said Jason I can't believe he dares to talk to me like this he made a deal with his friends to get me in bed with him ahhh just the thought of it makes me cringe " Actually husband " said kris Jason's eyes widened " oh for what " asked Jason " honeymoon " said kris " wow ok nice " Jason said " how do you know Victoria " asked kris Jason " actually he's my frie--- " i was cut by Jason " boyfriend " said Jason " correction EX boyfriend " i said " bey " i said and pulled kris away from him " what was that " kris asked me " the past and will always be the past " i said " ok whatever " said kris wait what he's not even jealous why would he uhhh i slept through the flight.


I was really upset becuz of kris and jason uuuh " I'm gonna go for a walk " i said " ok I'm gonna rest a bit " said kris OMG he's still tired after sleeping through the whole flight wow he certainly loves sleeping hhh and when I was walking beside the ocean i feel like i was being watched when suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pinned me to the wall i looked up and to my surprise it was Jason i was shocked " i want you back Victoria " he said " i hate you leave me alone " i said angrily while trying to get away from his grip but he was so strong then he leaned closer and kissed me nooo why then I tied to get away from him i was punching his chest then he quickly flew away i looked down and saw him on the floor wincing in pain while holding his cheeks i looked up and saw kris he was angry it was obvious he was shooting flames from his eyes I quickly held his hand and hugged him and we then went to our hotel room " WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!! " he yelled at me i was shocked and scared " i ..I didn't kiss him i I swear he was the one who did it " i started sobbing " he tried to get me in bed with him that was his deal with his friends but thank god i heard him talk on the phone and broke up with him why why is he returning after 4 years why now and you're yelling at me thinking that i would be kissing this fucking bastard or even cheat on you kris " i said while sobbing non stop then kris put his hands around me and pulled me to his embrace and he pulled back and our lips met and it was nice and sweet and soon it became harder and hotter then i layed my back on the bed and kris was on top off me.

(Kris's POV)🔥

I pulled her and started kissing her passionately soon the kiss became hotter and better i reached for her shirt and started to unbutton her shirt i think this is the time for doing 'it' i took off her shirt our lips never parted then i started kissing her and nibbling her neck " ahhh " she moaned " k..kri...ahh.kris not now pls I'm tired " she said " I'm not ready " she said i think I should stop but I can't i have to maybe next time then I stopped and i looked at her she blushed and covered her chest with her hands she's so cute next time i will show her that i am better than that Asswhole Jason i will definitely pleasure her " maybe next time " i said then she wore her clothes and came back " can we go out " she said while pouting " ok " i went to change my clothes " how about the beach " i said " okay but I don't have a swimsuit " she said " easy we will buy one " i said while smiling i grabbed her hands and we went to the nearby mall we entered the mall " kris I'm gonna go buy the swimsuit you wait at Starbucks ok " she said " ok " i said then i sat at Starbucks waiting for her.

(Victoria's POV)✨

Kris was on top of me he pulled me closer and kissed me passionately soon the session became hotter and more pleasurable then kris reached for my shirt and started unbuttoning my shirt and he took it off i was scared that I might not be enough for him he was still kissing me he didn't stop even when he was taking my shirt off then he started kissing and nibbling my neck it felt so damn good but i think it is too soon and besides I'm not ready " aaahh " omg I couldn't control my moans " k...kri...ahh.kris not now pls I'm tired " said in between moans " I'm not ready " i said then he stopped and looked at me I blushed and covered my chest with my hands " maybe next time " he said wait what next time i have to always be ready wait i said that i can seduce him then why not mwahahah👹 then i wore my shirt and came back " can we go out " i said while pouting " ok " he said he went to change his clothes then came back " how about the beach " said kris " ok but I don't have a swimsuit " i said " easy we will buy one " he said while smiling Ahh I can't get used to his heart melting smile then he grabbed my hands and we went to the nearest mall and we entered the mall i said "kris I'm gonna go buy the swimsuit you wait at Starbucks ok " i said " ok " kris said then i went to the beach ware shop and i was looking for a swimsuit but all of them where 2 peaced in other words bikini's i saw a lady that works at the shop " excuse me ca-- " i was cut when I realized that it was my friend from high school luna " luuunaaa " i said then hugged her she hugged me back and said

" hiii Victoria what are you doing here in Prague " she said " well actually I'm here on my honeymoon " i said then she gasped " what you're married to who " she asked in disbelief " do you know Wu.inc " i asked her " yes Mr.wu and his son kris wu what does that mean " she asked " well his son kris wu is m...my ...hu...husband " i said " what really your so luck oohh " she said " can you show me a nice swimsuit " i said to her " ooowwh ok 'this' so that you can seduce your husband kris." She said she showed me a bikini it was black and a nice one but too revealing i looked at her in disbelief " are you serious I'm no---" i said then she cut me " do you want kris to look at the other skinny girls body " she said " no but---" she cut me again " then buy it " she said " fine " i gave up then i went to the cashier and bought it " I'm going back to Korea next week and i want to see your hus-- "
She said but was cut off " VICTORIA what took you so long " kris said " kris this is luna my high school friend luna this is my husband kris " i said " oh hi kris " said luna 'he's hot ' mouthed luna to me "he's mine" i said loudly i thought i was whispering but i guess not " hi luna " said kris " sorry we need to go it was nice meeting you bey " kris said and pulled me " bey luna " i said then kris and i arrived at the beach " who's yours you said looking at luna angrily " oh it-- " i was cut off by kris " me right " he said smirking then i just blushed " i knew it " he said happily " I'm gonna go change " i said then went to the bathroom door i wore the bikini (A/N: this picture of the bikini above.) i went out and kris looked at me with widened eyes " l..let's go for a dip " i said shuttering while looking at my feet " ok " he said then i was running and so was kris then when we were near the sea he took his shirt off and jumped in i was amazed by his hotness looks like he's been working out i think i drooled then went out and sat down on the chair then i was walking i went in the sea i was swimming perfectly until i had a cramp in my leg I couldn't swim i was screaming for help no one was looking i was out of breath until i was........(TBC)

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