(Title: Wet kiss.)💋

(WARNING: this chapter contains sexual content🔞.)

(Victoria POV)✨

I woke up and kris was still sleeping and then i went to the bathroom and took a shower then i went to take out my clothes from the closet i opened and i saw a mask not any mask it was Kevin's Kevin is kris it's impossible Kevin is so sweet and gentle actually when i think about it i felt like it wasn't the first time i fall in love with him it's like i knew him i was soo shocked then I unwillingly went downstairs and I cooked English breakfast then i saw a figure slowly coming toward the kitchen table i blinked my eyes and I realized it was kris i was startled "good morning " said kris while rubbing his eyes with his morning hair hair OMG i just can't get used to it it's like everyday he is making me fall for him hard " g'morning " i said while smiling i was nervous about what i knew earlier this morning " want some breakfast " i said " sure " he said smiling wiiierd he's nice but WTF his smile was melting my poor heart then i sat at the table and we ate and then he went upstairs after a few minutes he came down dressed " i will go out for a while " said kris.

(Narraters POV)🙏

Then kris went upstairs " oh okay what cafe ohh ok " he said to his best friend chanyeol then kris got dressed and went downstairs " i will go out for a while " then he went out and entered the car and drove off then he arrived at 'lotte cafe' the place he is supposed to meet chanyeol in " hi " said kris to chanyeol " hello " said chanyeol " how are you feeling " asked kris chanyeol " not well my girlfriend broke up with me she cheated on me " said chanyeol " it's okay she didn't deserve you anyway "


Kris's rhone rang " excuse me chanyeol " kris excused himself " it's okay " replied chanyeol then kris went outside " hello who is this " said kris " it's me jessica " said jessica on the other line " WHAT DO YOU WANT!!! " kris yelled on the other line " i need to talk to you in person pls " said jessica " after what you did to Victoria you expect me to be friendly with you HUH!!! "Kris said angrily " pls kris just one last time " jessica said " fine where " kris almost yelled " la dutch cafe " jessica said then kris hung up and went back to the cafe " chanyeol i have to go something came up and don't worry you deserve better " kris said while patting chanyeol's shoulder " ok thanks kris " said chanyeol " don't mention it " kris said while smiling then he rushed out and and went to la dutch cafe.


'Huh maybe I should call Amber and tell her what happened' Victoria thought " hi Amber can we meet at the 'kawaii cafe' which is across the road " said Victoria through the phone (A/N: sorry the names suck i know mianhea.) " yeah sure why not i'll pick u up at 15 minutes ok " replied Amber " ok " said Victoria

🕛After 20 minutes🕛

Oh! That must be Amber then i went to open the door " hiii " Amber said cheerfully then hugged me " hellowh " i said with a big smile plastered on my face then we went out and sat in the car snd drove away after a few minutes of driving " we're here " Amber said happily i wish i could be as happy as her OMG where is kris i can't believe I'm actually worried after what he did to me HUh Victoria though on the other side of the road was kris and jessica sitting in la dutch cafe " kris why do you love that bitch " said jessica " well she is better than the whore that tried to flirt with a newly married man right " he said sarcastically " i hate that fuckin bitch she is ugly and fat and she has l-- " jessica said and then was cut off by the load thud of Kris's arm on the table " shut the fuck up bitch don't you talk shit about my wife in front of me understood " kris said slightly raising his voice " kris wait I'm sorry " she said and hugged him " what are you doing " kris said annoyed " plz kris just one last time i beg you " " fine " kris said then he slowly patted her back

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