Amsal's pov

I was getting ready to go starbucks with shehryaar ! Opps shehry ! I smiled at my thoughts ! Why i'm feeling butterflies ? Huhhh relax ! I wear my blue jeans and free size gray shirt ! And tie my hair in a messy bun and wear my glasses ! And headed downstairs i grab my car keys and when i was going to turn the knob of the main gate mona asked me ? "Kahan jaa rahi ho? "

"Emmm wo kise se milna tha ! Wahan jaa rahi hun bs ghantee main ati hun" i lied ! Coz if i tell her that i'm meeting shehry so she will come with me ! And i want some things to sort out ! I drive my car to starbucks and start to wait for shehry ! But he was nowhere to be found ! So i called him and after 2 rings he picked the call !

Shehry : whose this ?

Amzy : its me !

Shehry : who me ?

Amzy : its my your first love !

Shehry : ohh sorry sorry i didn't recognized you !

Amzy : you what ? Its me Amzy

Shehry : i know its you ! The way gou speak is too different !

Amzy : so okay but where are you ? I'm waiting in starbucks for you !

Shehry : yeah i'm on my way !

Amzy : okay i'm waiting on table 5 ! Bye !

I ended the call and relaxed on the chair for some mins ! Then i heard a men voice ! I openes my eyes to see! It was shehry sit infront of me smiling and looking at me ! I was lost in his looks !

Amzy sambhal khud ko ! Kia smjhe ga ye ?

Shehry's pov

I saw her from the door ! She was relaxing on a chair ! I said hey ! She opened her eyes and look at me ! Then lost in her own world ! I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes ! She came out of her thought and smile brightly !

Hayeee ye smilee ! Mar jaun is pe !

*flash back at home *

"Hussain tou Amsal ko psnd krta hai ? " hussain look at me by giving me a "what" look ! I nervously stand there with nothing to say!

He smiled and replied " bhai tou psnd krta hai tou main kaise psnd kr sakta hun use ? " i was shocked by his reply ! I shook main head a lil ! And asked him " how do you know ? " he smirked again and reply "by the way you ask me " he hugged me too tight and i told him i'm going out to her! He nodded his head and went to his room !

Flash back over !

I looked at her she was looking flawless ! Over sized shirt ! her hair ! She's too perfect to be a human !

Then she start to talking with me !

Amzy : soo ? Hows your day ?

Shehry : emmm good actually awsome coz you were there too !

Amzy : (laughing ) yeah right ab main hun itni achi k logon ka din bana deti hun !

Shehry : khushfehmi bht ziada nahi hai ?

Amzy : pata bhi hai main hun kon ? Shukar kro tmhen khud coffee pe bulaya ! Warna log meri ek look k liye bhi matrte hain ! (Smirking )

Shehry : tmhen pata hai main kon hun ? Larkiyan martin hain ! I was giving her my proudest look ever!

Amzy : ohhh mr.Asif apki bht meharbani k apne mjhe join kiya coffee main ! Krte kia ho jo larkiyan tmpe marein ? (Sarcasm)

Shehry : mere bare main google krlo ! Pata lag jaye ga !

Amzy : okay wait let me goooooooogle you ! :P

Amzy : ohhh so you are a youtuber with your brother hussain! Ohhh this is awkward ! Coz youtube is block in Pakistan ! Okay so you are only famous in here ! nd i'm famous in whole freakin world wide ! Duuuuhhhhhhh !

Shehry : okay that's it ! Its too much !
I was acting ! Her eyes got wide and tears pooled up in her eyes! She was looking scared

"I'm sorry i didn't mean too i was doing acting to tell you! I'm famous coz of my acting skills ! ! " i lift her face from her chin! She smiled mischivously and said loudly "gottacha ! " i was shocked ! "I know i was just teasing you ! But look at your face you looked like you saw a ghost or something like that ! " she was laughing her heart out ! I was looking at her the way she laughed at me ! I was so in love with her !

She snapped her fingers in front of me ! And said "kahan ghum gaye sarkar ap ? " and i replied "kahen nahi yahin hun ! Tm pagal ho blkul ! " i smirked a lil ! Then i remember ! When she dropped her phone ! I saw a pic of her and a guy ! I should ask her who is that guy ! Bssssss pleaseeee boyfriend na ho dil tut jaye ga meraaaa!

"Emmm Amzy ? "She looked at me while smiling a lil 'Tm manti ho naa k har cheez ki base sach pe aur sb kuch jaan k honi chahiye! " she reply casually " haan obviously " i asked her " jiski photo tmhare wallpaper pe lagi hai wo kon hai ? Aur Zayan kon hai ? "

She rolled her lower lip between her teeths.looking down at her fingers then look striaght in my eyes ! Why i can sense a pain in her life? Why is she so hurt? My thought broke when she asked me a question!

"Kbhi zindagi main dil tuta hai ? " i shook my head in noo ! Her voice cracked and she started her story

" main apni ghar ek hi oulaad hun ! Na kbhi behan ka pyaar mila na bhai ka ! Ek hi dost thi ! Mona ! Hamesha sath rehna , mona sporty thi main book worm ! But we are always together ! Ek din wo absent hui skool main ! Warna hum projects sath krte the ! Us din teacher ne mjhe class k new student k sath team up krdia ! I did whole the project! Usne ungli tk na lagayi thi ! I started to have a crush on him ! Actually he was hot ! Really hot ! He didn't know that i exist in our class! One day i was going home with mona ! Usne mjhe rok k flowers diye ! I was shocked ! I threw the flower on ground and Mona kicked him ! Really hard ! Hahaha that was fun ! I started to ignore him ! Phr huwa k yun k mjhe pata laga k wo serious tha ! Main us se maufi mangne gayi ! Tou usne kneel down ho k mjhe apni water bottle ka ring pehnaya ! I was really impressed ! He really loved me ! After that year i become a model and start working for modeling in clothing products ! The day before my flight to here ! " her eyes are now filled with tears and her voice cracked like it was before !

"He got engaged to his cuzn in front of my eyes and you know whats the hurtful part ? I know he still loves me ! But now i don't love him and now i can't love anyone else coz love only hurts! " she shot a bright smile and wipe her tears!

Main phr se tmhen pyaar main giraun ga magr apne main ! Itni sb kuch akele brdasht kr gayi ! Salam hai iski himat ko ! K ab bhi himat hai is main ! Jb tm meri hojao gi ! Tou tmhen kuch brdasht nai krna hoga ! Bs tm sb mushkilen meri hongi !

"Emm shehry ? " she said while i was thinking! I hmmmed softly ! "Please mere liye afsos ya phr ghumzed na hona ! Mjhe psnd nai log taras khayen " she said with striaght face ! I smiled to her and holds her hand and said "nahi dost ek dusre pe afsos nai krte !," she stare stright my eyes ! Her eyes our sparkling like stars ! She winked at me ! My jaw dropped in o shape ! She laughed brightly !

Ab wada hai tmse ! Kbhi ansu nahi ane dunga dost ki heesiyat se hi magr khush rakhna tmhen ab mera kam hai! Aur yehi muskarahat tm chehre pe barkara rakhun ga bs ab dekhti jao tm ! :)

New cover ! Umm yay or nayy?

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