A Zayn Malik DIRTY Imagine

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~~~This is a Zayn Malik dirty imagine! Yay! :p I hope you guys enjoy this! :D -Ariella~~~


Dirty Imagine:

You were invited to a party. You are friends with the boys of One Direction and they convinced you to come to their party. You drank a bit of beer and started to feel a bit tipsy. You soon found Zayn and started to dance on him and grinding on him. You suddenly felt something poke you and you automatically knew what it was. Zayn was hard. He put his hands on your waist and moved with you. You then grabbed onto his hand and pulled him to his room. Without warning you jumped onto him putting your legs around him. He puts his hands on your bum helping you up and kisses you back, roughly tugging at your shirt trying to take it off.

After a minute of the heavy make out session, you were both naked. Zayn was standing up and you were knelt down on your knees and Zayn's member stuck out in your face. He smiles as you take his hardened member in to your hands and start to stroke him. You start off slow then pumping him faster and faster. He starts panting and biting his lip trying not to moan. You love how you can make him feel this way. You wanted him to moan so you took his member into your mouth. You licked his shaft while stoking him a little. His head fell backwards and his breath hitched. He tried so hard not to moan but you know you can get him to. You took in his length sucking him faster and harder. He finally moans, causing you to smile. His member begins to twitch in your mouth and you knew he was close. After a few more sucks he came in your mouth.

"Oh f**k!" He moans as he shot load after load of his juices in your mouth. He kept his member in your mouth forcing you to swallow. You got up from your knees and smile.

He suddenly pushes you onto his bed. You laid on the bed and Zayn hovered smiling at you.

"You ready for this?" He said with a smirk.

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for this!" You say smirking back at each other.

"I'll make you feel so good. This will be the best time of your life, I promise." He says winking at you.

Zayn spreads your legs open and slowly inserts himself into you. You bit your lip as you felt him enter you. He then thrusts in and out of you making you bite your lip harder fighting a moan. He notices your attempt and thrusts deeper and harder and faster than before. You feel like you were about to explode. He starts to groan louder and louder with every thrust. You couldn't hold it in anymore and you let out a loud moan. Zayn smirks as he feels proud of his accomplishment. He kept on thrusting going faster as if it wasn't possible. The room was quickly filled with your moans and groans. The music was loud so we didn't have to worry about anyone hearing you. It was so good. You wanted to do more!

"Zayn, lets switch positions. I wanna be on top!" you said

With that, stopped and he laid down next to you.

"Okay babe. Show me what you got!" He says smirking

"Oh honey, I will" you said, winking at him.

You climbed on top of him and you lined up his member with your opening. You slide down unto him and began to bounce up and down on top of him. His back arched and he began to moan.

"Oh f**k!! Oh yeah baby!! You're so good!" He moaned loudly, turning you on even more. As a result

you stop bouncing to grind on him with his full length inside of you.

"Oh damn it Zayn! You feel so good inside of me!" you yell.

You suddenly felt Zayn's hands on you. He held onto your hips and started thrusting in and out of you, his member hitting your g-spot everytime. You moaned loudly and Zayn groaned as he went in and out of you. Soon he became tired and stopped. You decide to continued and started bouncing on him. He reached up and grabbed your breasts, squeezing them slightly.

After about five minutes you got a bit tired and Zayn probably noticed because he suddenly flipped you over, his member still inside of you and he was now back on top.

"My turn to lead" He says and begins to thrusts hard into you, pounding you clit. This is driving you crazy as you feel that you are close to your ultimate high.

"I'm close Zayn!" you say, starting to tremble trying to hold in your orgasm.

"Wait for me baby!" He says thrusting faster.

"Oh my-- Zayn! I'm about to--" You yell as you feel yourself getting close to your high.

"Me too" he replies.

You feel his stiffened member twitch inside if you. That finally threw you over the edge and your walls tightens around Zayn's member which threw him over the edge. He f**ked you through your orgasm and you both moan each others name.

When you both were finished, he collapsed on top of you. You feel his now limp member on your thigh and you smile at him.

"We should totally do this again" you say winking at him.

"Yeah we should" he said smirking at back.

You both get back on your clothes and head downstairs to join the rest of the party.


Hoped you guys liked it :) ♥

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