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Before the dreaded day that he was pronounced dead. We were busy working on a project for the elite. The most luxurious people in Dunch City.

Carlos San Jose commissioned me to research, profile, connect with some of the richest people in the city. I didn't know where to begin at first. I was a simple orphan, who was raised by a foster mother. And while Alisa Mae tried all that she can to make sure I have comforts in my life. The connections, networks, and knowledge I have to pass myself off as someone who belongs in the aristocracy are far-fetched. 

My experience working at the theater and selling goods here and there is not enough to prepare me for the immensely rich and powerful. I didn't know if I had it in me. 

But Carlos San Jose believed and affirmed my skills and talents so much. He had this unwavering confidence that I can do anything. And because he believed in me, I felt a sense of courage. He looked at me with a different pair of eyes- it removed every ounce of doubt that I have. I began to feel worthy of it all. 

Carlos San Jose would often say, that we are all bestowed by the Creator with particular and certain gifts. And in the world of blue blood and aristocrats my creativity matters. A natural knack, as he would call it. 
He believed me to be a natural leader, decision-maker. And when I am with him, my creativity level is increased. If I didn't have the knowledge and self-esteem to talk to top-level executives and ultra-high net worth individuals in Dunch City and different parts of the globe before, because of Carlos San Jose's guidance I began to believe that I too was capable of many great things. 

His grand way of looking at life, and seeing beauty in me and my mind made all the difference. It's as if the aristocratic mind and high ideals coming from him were rubbing off on me. 

I used to run in a  different circle. Musicians, painters, models, theater artists were within my reach because I worked in a theater. And while artists give you inspiration and vibrant imagination-- out of the emotional pains and turmoils they too experience-- Carlos San Jose was on a whole new level. 

Before all of this, my life consisted of sipping beer or wine at night with a new Indie band to listen to each night. But with Carlos San Jose my mind and body were subjected to upgrades that I never deemed possible. 

Carlos and I enjoyed fantastic conversations. We talked about film documentaries, paintings, art projects, business partnerships, ventures that I didn't even know exists. He opened me to various institutions and took pains in getting me an excellent form of education that will assist me in dealing with Ambassadors, Consults and living members of the Aristocracy and royal blood in Europe, Germany, Romania, Russia, and even in Asia-- It was a whirlwind of training and information that at times I could hardly keep up with the number of aristocrats and high-powered CEOs introduced to me. Carlos San Jose kept private with his dealings and affairs, which means I was the one sent out to meet foreign dignitaries and head of state.

Me, Emilia Cherovi? Who a few months ago was simply working inside the theater, creating props and doing errands here and there. Who would have thought? 

He opened an entire field of knowledge I never thought possible- at first, it was just about business ethics, how to go about meeting diplomats and aristocrats but it soon upgrades to creating and designing systems. Complex patterns of thoughts, including the meaning of symbols in society and how power, control, and fear are used by various societies to control a certain group of people. My mental training involved the participation of my subconscious mind in every interaction and business dealing that I would be creating. And because he talked with ease, and wasn't threatened by me, or my essence as a woman. Because he was sure of himself, and he understood who he is- and his purpose in life, there was no need for us to do power plays. We didn't find the need to manipulate each other to meet our needs- in fact, our communication exchange was so free-flowing, with respect- he allows me to challenge his ideas and core beliefs, leading me to open up the same way. 

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