Because Everything He Gave He Took Back

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Lily's Pov

After the meal we told Mia that Charlie would take me home and I will come hers tomorrow to get ready for this stupid ball. I was regretting ever saying yes to going, I had this sick feeling in my stomach since she mentioned it I should have listened to my instincts. I got into Charlie's car with my bags from shopping I put them in the back seat and we drove in silence. Too much was going through my head I was grateful for the silents that filled the car.

I never actually seen Ethan's house yeah, we were supposed to work on our project but we would both end up canceling,which was bad considering it is due soon. We drove up to these big iron gates eating for them to open, I thought we were lost but once I saw his bike out side I knew it was his house. It was so big I would never have thought he would live in a big mansiouion, literally it was huge you could get lost in there and none would find you. We parked just out side the double doors, you see that double doors!!! You have to have more to have double doors.Me and Charlie sat there for a moment until he sighed and put his hands throw his hair, god he looks hot when he dose that, wait shut up Lily this is serious.

" Look before we tell you anything Lily I want you to know we aren't like that we never liked what we did. I just hope you don't hate us or stop talking to us because it has been amazing hang out with you I don't want anything to change." He finished and looked down at his hand's he was really scared that I would judge him, I took his hand and held it he looked up into my eyes, shocked.

" Nothing you say will make me hate you Charlie, we all have a past some worse than others but thats that it's the past we cant change what we have done as much as we'd like to" I say, he nodded.

"Don't worry... we wont judge you"he said like he knew that I was scared, I smiled slightly he squeezed my hand then we got out of the car.

I got out of the car and went to Charlie's side he was out and waiting for me we went up to the front door and knocked, the door opened but Ethan was not the one opening it, a man in his late fifty's in a suit.

" Nice to see you again Mr. Grey oh and I see you have brought the lovely lady " he said smiling at me.

" Nice to see you to William but Lily is just a friend " Charlie said giving me a wink " is Ethan home"

" Yes, Sir he is in his room, come in. Would you like me to take your coats?" I shake my head I was cold.

" That's alright ,Miss I am sure Mr. King will let you borrow at jumper it is cold out " he said putting his hand out to take my coat I took it if knowing I wont be able to keep it." He is up in his room you know the way sir lovely to meet you miss" he says and walks off.

Charlie grabs my hand again as we walk down the long corridor we go up some stairs and go down another long corridor then we stop at a door Charlie knocks and this time we are greeted by Ethan who looks upset.

" Come in where's Riley? " he said rudely as we walk in. 

" Dropping Mia home " I say looking around his room it was very plane not what I thought it would be.

" Noise, Are we? " I hear him say 

" No, I was just looking around you have a beautiful house," I say as I sit on the sofa with Charlie still with his hand in mine I saw Ethan look from each of us. He looked confused and upset about it.But why I wouldn't know.

" I am here, sorry she was wondering what was up with us ... don't worry I didn't tell she doesn't need to be pulled into this " he answered the question that was there in my eyes .We had an agreement and it was going to stay that way.

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