Sally vigorously scraped scrambled egg onto Michael's plate, so that a little of the pan's black soot flaked onto his breakfast. He sulked and raised his eyes at Sally, who in turn glared back, challenging him.

"Where's my fork?" Michael asked. He knew perfectly well where it was and why it wasn't here; Sally was trying to make a point, and he was playing right into her hands by asking such a question.

"Oh a fork?" Sally asked in mock surprise. "I wasn't aware you needed a fork. I'm sorry, I guess I can't do anything right. We best hire a maid then. Then she can remember to get forks, and make breakfast, and be at your every beck and call."

"Sally, you're being childish." Michael said as he stood up to get his cutlery.

"Apparently childish is the only way to get through to you, seeing as you won't listen when I say plain and clear that we don't need a maid." Sally retorted.

"Hazel has a maid, mummy, and she says her maid makes her hair all pretty." Amy chirped, in an attempt to sizzle the situation.

"I know." Sally said off-handedly and returned to her breakfast.

"Huh? What do you mean mummy?" Amy asked.

Sally dropped her fork on the plate with a clatter. Shit. Sally internally screamed. Really? How could she slip up like that? Just a word more and her secret would unravel.

"I know a lot of families have maids darling, but it does not necessarily mean we need one." Sally corrected herself, carefully judging if Amy and Michael bought her cover up. Michael appeared too wrapped up in his anger to catch the slip-up.

"I think a maid would be so fun." Amy said. "You can get her to do all the boring chores and play all day."

"Chores polish your character." Sally insisted.

Amy looked at her, confused. "To be a boring character?"

Sally smiled at her daughter.

"No. To be responsible, and strong. To manage your time well, and to never become snobby."

Michael chewed his scrambled egg viciously. He swallowed and looked at Amy.

"You can get those virtues through other ways too kitty cat." he smiled at her. "And simply doing chores won't necessarily prevent you from being snobby either. You can be snobby in ways other than accepting the advantages of good pay." He drilled his eyes into Sally.

"Like what daddy?"

"Like thinking you're better than someone because you do things other people don't do. Or because you do things that don't need to be done. Being a snob, is essentially being proud of what you are and thinking others are worse off than you, because they're not like you."

"Mrs. Franzel says snobby means being rich and being mean about it. I like her definition better." Amy concluded.

"So." Michael said as he stood up from the table. "I will bring Frederica round this evening so she can start working from tomorrow."

He picked up his empty plate and swiftly left the table before Sally could argue. It was a matter of mere seconds until Michael was waving a hurried goodbye to Sally and Amy.

Sally wanted to scream. Amy kept her from doing so. It was fine. Sally was a rational, strong woman who could handle this. The whole thing just made her want to punch something in a very unladylike manner. It wasn't simply the fact that now her home wouldn't be open to mischievous visits from Jack. It wasn't simply the fact that Sally had never had a maid in her whole life, and even less of an idea what to do with one. It wasn't simply the fact that Sally was actually quite proud of the way she ran things and felt a loss of power at the thought of a maid. It was the fact that her husband was refusing to listen to her and completely ignoring her wishes.

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