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- Lola -

The sun light leaked into my room through the sheer curtains hanging over the window. Still half asleep, I rolled over, laying on my other side, expecting to feel the body of the man I fell asleep with. But, as I opened my eyes, I noticed he was gone. Mr. Styles was gone. The spot on the bed where he layed with me, was now cold and empty; the sheets neatly tucked in on the sides. I sprang up from the warm sheets and noticed that every trace of Mr. Styles was swept away and clean. It was like he was never here. It's like it was all a dream. An amazing and beautiful dream might I add.

As I was leaning on the headboard of my bed, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a note folded up. I leaned forward grabbing the note off my nightstand and began to read.


Thank you for the lovely treat last night. I still can taste you on my lips. Now babygirl, get some rest. You'll need it for next time.


Daddy Styles.

I finished reading the note over and over again and each time made me blush a little more than the last. I guess it really wasn't a dream after all.

Tearing the bed sheets off of my body, I climbed out of bed. I threw on one of my large, button up shirts and went downstairs. I was definitely expecting to be met with my mom, but no one else was in the house. The usual. On the fridge, my mom left a small note.


I got called into work early this morning and it was mandatory. I decided not to wake you up last night. It was late and you were probably passed out. I won't be back home until later. Call me if you need me. Love you.

That would have been very bad if she did end up walking into my room. Being caught in bed with Mr. Styles, my principal, would not end very well.

My tummy grumbled and I came to the realization that I needed to eat something. I popped some waffles into the toaster. As I was waiting for the golden waffles to pop up, I thought about last night and the relationship I had with Mr. Styles. It was so dirty and wrong but his touch had me begging for more each time. The feeling of his soft, plump lips on mine gave me a certain rush, a high, that I'd never experienced before. Mr. Styles couldn't possibly be human. He gave me such feelings that I never knew possibly existed before.

Just then, my waffled popped up and I was interrupted from my thoughts on Mr. Styles.

But, that didn't stop me from thinking about him even more.







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