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it's 12+ over here as i write this and i mean midnight twelve

so my parents, like a lot of other parents, expect me to sleep early and my dad expects me to wake up early too but my mum doesn't really mind me sleeping till 12 (love you mum)

like i think all parents need to understand that at night, it's a teen's prime time of living. i'm actually a lot more productive at night and i get a lot of things done.

in the morning I'm just so distracted and tired and at night I'm like "okay sit yo ass down girl and do your homework" and i actually do it!

but I only stay up until max 2 am bc I'm a growing teen i need sleep so you can see, not a lot of work done in this 3 hours.

I'm getting sidetracked aren't I.

heck schools should stop starting so early and ending so late like we have a life okay we have friends, we have social lives, and social media! my school starts at 7:30, which is really crap. i never get enough sleep, and i keep falling asleep in lessons!

like i don't get it society expects us to be early risers but isn't studying a lot more efficient if the student is not half asleep and did the homework halfway?

is it so wrong to want to stay up all night?

honestly some days i just feel like we deserve way more sleep but school is preventing that from happening.

now to finish my english homework.

peace out girl scouts,

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