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Recap ~
"We're going to San Francisco" He said flashing a smile.

"Oh and we're leaving tomorrow afternoon" He stated.

"Aight" Milo said smiling as the rest of us nodded our heads getting ready to leave.

As soon as we got home I took a nice hot shower and then flopped onto my bed and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and quickly jumped out of bed and walk to the bathroom to take a quick shower before they eat all the bacon. "Fat asses" I muttered to myself

I finished the shower and wrapped my towel around my body as I walked towards my closet to find something to wear.

I ended up picking out light brown jeans paired with a black belt, a brown plaid corduroy shirt, a black crop top and topped it all of with my black Vans.

I ran down the stairs rushing to the kitchen

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I ran down the stairs rushing to the kitchen.

"Y'all save any for me?" I asked

"Yeah it's on the table" Milo answered

"Thank youu, and good morning my lovelies" I said kissing them all on the cheek. Milo tried to turn his head and make me kiss him on the lips, but i know his tricks.

"Swervinnn" I sung as I swerved the other direction laughing.

Niko and Faye laughed too as Milo fake pouted and sticked out his tongue. "Worth the try" he said which earned him a smack on the arm from me.

I quickly ate my bacon and eggs then stood up from my chair putting my plate in the sink.

"Where are we going again?" Faye asked.

"We're going to get snacks for the plane" Niko said

"Wow I didn't know planes could eat snacks" Milo said smirking.

"They eat fuel for snacks dip shit" I said as we hopped in the jeep.

He raised a brow.

We pulled up to target and walked in the store looking in each isle and getting what we want for the trip.

I bought a head rest, skittles, gatorade, snickers, chips, a blanket and some other essentials.

I was paying for my stuff as I heard a familiar yell making everyone turn their heads to the direction in which the yell came from. I turned around to see Faye running from the employee.

I was about to ask why she was running from the employee when she ran out the store like a mad woman.

Me, Milo and Niko all looked at each other confused. We finished paying for our stuff and went outside to look for Faye.

We saw her sitting in the back of the Jeep. We got inside the car and she bursted out laughing.

We furrowed our eyebrows looking at Faye like she grew two heads. "Uh why are you laughing like a mad woman?" I asked

"Yeah, and why did you get chased by an employee??" Milo asked

"First off, that was the manager and I may or may not have lied and said I lost my poisonous pet snake and then when he wasn't looking I pinched his neck and put a fake snake behind him, then he chased me and I swerved him like people do in basketball making him fall and almost break his ankles" She said with a sheepish grin

Me, Milo, Niko and Faye looked at each other and started laughing so hard my stomach was hurting.

"Damn" Niko said still laughing

We sung to "say, hop outta bed, rock out again" by Lonr. - A.M

Then we got home and all took a nap before the flight.


Hey babes
Imma publish dis chapter and then I'm gonna go binge watch TVD. Anyways have a good night.

Love y'all 💕

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