You introduce Legolas to Valentine's Day

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As a girl who came from Earth, you still have memories of all the traditional holidays you spent with your loved ones. The last time you checked, today was February 14, which meant it was Valentine's Day. You lie on your bed with Legolas as he notices you aren't the happy exciting girl that you usually aren't the moment and he wants to know why. He nudges your shoulder and you turn around.
"Y/N, is something on your mind?" Legolas asks you with a worried look on his face.
"It's nothing important..." You sigh, "I just miss my celebrations from my home. In fact, today is my favourite holiday. It's called Valentine's Day."
"That sounds very important," Legolas says admiringly, "tell me more."
"Well, it's a day to celebrate love. When a guy asks a girl to be their valentine, it's a sign of love." (N/ idk how to describe Valentine's Day...)
"Well in that case, Y/N, will you be my first Valentine ever?" He asks shyly.
"Of course!" You laugh as you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek but then he grabs your face gently and pulls you in for a real kiss.
"Gi melin, Y/N." He whispers.
"Love you too, Legolas." I whisper back. Legolas has been teaching you the elven language for the past two months since you arrived. You are also very glad that Legolas has been teaching you to fight like a warrior.

You are extremely happy when Legolas decides to surprise you with a secret dinner with candles around your table. You admire Legolas' desire to make you feel like the luckiest girl alive by showing that he truly loves you. You are proud of him for catching on to Valentine's Day that fast. You just hope the same Prince of Mirkwood will be your Valentine again next year.

"Y/N," he says when you are in bed 'asleep', "I am not sure if you are hearing this, but I want to thank you for this great day that you showed me. I'm glad to see you so full of joy the whole day, I hope I made you feel at home like you weren't earth with your family and friends. I love you".

So i just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day and I hope you can spend quality time with friends and family while I'm busy watching the LOTR series... Alone...

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