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Chapter 12

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************I am never drinking again!!!! EVER!!!! lol do you wanna hear about how amazing my friday night was lol!!! well, what i can remember of it anyway.  disaster number one was putting on instant fake tan that washes off because guess what...it was fucking raining.  yep, i guess i should've seen that coming but still, i ended up with streaky arms and having to try and wash it off in the toilet of the first pub.  then, when we came out the first pub i dropped my phone in a puddle! and as if that wasn't bad enough, wasted little me picked up the actual phone and the back, but left the battery sinking in the bottom and spent the rest of the night wondering why my phone wouldn't work lol i don't even remember getting home and the last thing i do remember was lining up jagerbombs in the nightclub and downing god knows how many at one time with my mate lmao but i've really not been that fucking pissed in a long time haha i woke up yesturday with the hangover from hell and covered in fucking bruises and my feet are still killing me.  so yeah, all i got outta that night out was a hangover, sore feet and loadsa blanks hahaha anyways, here's another chapter for ya and i hope ya like it :)**********

I did not want to go back to work when Monday morning rolled up.  I lay in my bed, pressing the snooze button on my alarm every five minutes and trying to think up excuses that I could pull a sickie with, but after going through everything I could think of I realised I just wasn’t gonna get off that easily.

Trust me, I did not want to go in there after the weekend I’d had - somehow I just didn’t feel safe at all…wonder why?  Do you really see Evan letting me off that easily though?  I mean I’d not even known the boy a week but I knew he would want payback.  And I couldn’t be arsed with his shit - but hey I’m not a shitebag.

So that’s how I found myself diving into the office a little after 9am, late as always, with my coffee in one hand and my handbag in the other. 

Slipping my heels off under my desk, I leaned back and rummaged through my bag for a breakfast bar while my computer loaded.  It was taking ages this morning, I swear the stupid ancient piece of crap has a virus.

Just as I was thinking that Alan came storming past, hauling his office door open and slamming it behind him without even giving me a second glance.  I watched him with amusement, taking another bite of my breakfast and putting my feet up on my desk as I leaned right back in my seat. 

I thought I got Monday morning blues but come on, that man just takes it to a whole new freaking level.  It could be worse for you Alan; you could have a complete arsehole of a boss.

As if on cue, my phone next to me started ringing and I automatically knew it would be ‘his highness’.

Quickly swallowing all the food in my mouth without chewing most of it and practically choking on it, I grabbed the phone and did my usual fake happy, “Good morning, Rob and Smiths.”

“Emily get in here now,” Alan barked down the phone before hanging up.

Wow, a bye would be nice you know.  Yawning, I replaced the phone and slipped my shoes back on, before getting up and making my way to his office.

I wonder if this is where he gives me my marching orders?  Fuck it, I don’t even care if I get sacked right now.  So what, I shared some cake with his son, but Alan was the one that laughed.  Yeah I was rude and just pretty much walked out and left them and Craig, but let’s be serious it’s not like any of them cared and have you met Alan - he is about the rudest person I know?

So if this is it, oh well shit happens.

Opening the door, I tried to confidently walk in, shutting the door behind me and stopping in front of his desk without even bothering to speak.

He sat staring at his paper for a few minutes before he finally looked up at me with a confused expression like he was wondering why I was in his office.  It took everything in me to not shout, “Are you going fucking demented, you told me to come in!”

Instead, I fixed a small sarcastic smile on my face which was the best I could do right now.  Give me a break, it was still before 10am and I needed a few more cups of coffee before I started acting nicer to him.

He sneered at me, the fake smile not getting past him as he told me, “Emily, I need you to stay late again tonight while we go over evidence.  I have a meeting at 11am which I expect you to be at and this time I do not want to come looking for you this time got it.  You‘re excused.”

Is he being serious?  First of all, it was his fault he had to come looking for me last time because he made me clean his stupid sons office - and secondly, what if I have plans?  Nah, no way, I am not staying late tonight.

“I can’t stay late tonight Alan I’m going to my mum’s,” I lied.

“So?” he asked.  “Cancel it I need you to do overtime.”

“Well, I can’t,” I held my ground, while thinking up an excuse.  “I’ve got family visiting and this is the only time I’ll get to see them.”

Just by looking at Alan’s face I could tell he didn’t care if my ‘family’ were here, he just needed someone to make his bloody coffees for him.  Did he not learn last time he made me do that, when he was probably up for about 3 days solid?

“Don‘t treat me like an idiot you don‘t have any family thing going on tonight,” he said, giving me a weird look like he was actually seeing me for the first time.

And what the hell did he know?  I maybe didn’t have a family thing going on five seconds ago, but now my mums was sounding kinda good.

I frowned at him with anger, before replying, “Yeah I do so like I said, I can’t do any overtime sorry,”

I practically spat the last word at him and he immediately sat back, looking a bit shocked at my angry little outburst.

Maybe I already said it, but I did not want to come to work today?  I hated Alan!  Really hated him!  How the hell did he know I was lying anyway?  He didn’t know anything, he just wanted me to drop everything for work - which I wouldn’t mind doing if I had an ounce of respect for the fat little man in front of me, but I think we’ve established that I don’t.  So in English, I wouldn’t be cancelling anything for him…even if I technically didn’t have anything going on at the moment.

“Ok,” he sneered at me, while I held the dagger looks he was giving me.  “Can you fit in some overtime tomorrow into your busy schedule?”

Now you wonder why I hate him?  Asshole!

“I’ll have to see,” I hissed back.  “Is that everything I have work to do?”

He pursed his lips and gave me a the dirtiest look he could, one that told me I was walking on really thin ice here, before he went back to his paper not even acknowledging me.

Oh well, I guess that says everything.  I stormed back out the office and collapsed back at my desk just in time for asshole number two.  Evan came strutting into my office and walked straight past me without a sideward’s glance just like his dad had done five minutes earlier.

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again…like father like fucking son!

My hand was starting to hurt with all the notes I was taking right now.  The time was quarter past twelve and for the past hour I had listened to a bunch of stuck up lawyers drone on about bullshit I couldn’t care less about.  The women kept giving me dirty looks, but it wasn’t my fault they were all fucking ugly was it? 

Ok, I know that makes me sound like a bitch but these women just had no sense of style whatsoever.  One I knew to be called Christine even had what looked like a knitted brown suit on - what the hell was that about?  There is no excuse for that!

I sighed quietly under my breath, one I didn’t think anyone heard but both Evan and Reese turned to stare at me.  I was stuck sitting between them both having elbow wars with Evan every five seconds and trying to hold my breath from Reese’s more distinguished body odour. 

Can the guy just take a fucking shower?  Please?

I should be on my lunch right now?  I should’ve gone on lunch fifteen minutes ago to be honest and right now I just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

I was busy scrawling another important not in my notebook for Alan when Evan elbowed my arm again, making my pen go flying of the page.  This was a new game of his, one that was pissing me right off.  I turned to look at the side of his face with a disbelieving look and saw the sides of his lips were tugged up into a smirk while he continued to look at Nate who was the one talking right now.

I swear to god I wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smirk right off his face, but I was sitting in the middle of a meeting so I could hardly stab him in the arm with my pen without bringing attention to myself could I?  So instead, I elbowed him back warningly and went back to writing.

I think I got about three full words through before his elbow invaded my personnel space again.  Again I turned to stare at him, and again he wasn’t even looking at me, his light blue eyes still fixed ahead. 

“Stop it,” I hissed under my breath, but judging by the way his smile grew, I knew he heard it.

I went back to writing, but that guy just couldn’t seem to take the hint as my pen went skidding off the paper again.  Ok, I’ve put up with it for this long enough but this is fucking war!!!

Using the heel of my shoe, I placed it on his foot under the table then shifted in my seat, putting all my weight on it.  Take that you little prick.

I heard an intake of breath but I have to give the boy some credit he didn’t make a sound…unfortunately.

It was his turn to stare at me while I looked ahead, focusing on the clock which now read 12:33.  Can someone just get me out of here?

I was trying my hardest not to smirk while he continued to stare at me, before he started staring at something under the table.  Going by the way his hands were, he was either being a dirty fuck or he was texting away on his phone. 

As if right on cue, I heard my phone go off loudly under the table, the words ringing around the boardroom as everyone went silent and stared at my reddening face.

‘I just had se-e-ex …….And it felt so good’

I swear I was gonna kill Leanne.  She just had to change my ringtone didn’t she?  This was my moment to look at first Reese and then Evan, trying my hardest to make it look like it wasn’t my phone going off, but the minute I looked up to see everyone else staring at me, I immediately hid my face with my hands.

I swear I could actually feel the heat coming off my face as the lyrics filled the room.  When the hell will that damn song stop?  It didn’t help that I could feel Evan laughing silently next to me, and I kicked him under the table, pissed off, which just made him laugh harder.

Remind me to get the dick back for this.

Finally, and I mean finally, my phone stopped and the boardroom was just plunged into total silence.  Awkward.  I was too scared to look up at the moment.  In a way, I thought that if I even look up I’m gonna end up laughing at the middle aged twats because I could just imagine their faces at the moment.

“Ok, and on that note we’ll finish today’s meeting and conclude this on, say, Thursday?” Alan’s voice broke the silence and for the first time in my life I wanted to get up and hug him.  Well, maybe not hug him but you get the point.

There was a murmur of agreement, before I heard the chairs being pushed back and everyone filling out the room while I just stayed rooted to the spot, finally feeling brave enough to look up. 

Evan was still sitting next to me, and the minute he saw my face he just burst into loud laughter.

“Shut up,” I told him, shoving him but laughing myself as I got up, grabbed my bag and stormed out the office.  Pulling my phone out I checked my new message and do you know what it said?

‘Ouch no need to get so physical sweetheart’

Really?  Did he have a death wish?

I swear to god that guy was just brought on earth to piss me off wasn’t he?  Calling Jenna, I arranged to meet her at Lloyds in ten minutes time while I left the building finally getting my break. 

Today was definitely a day for a liquid lunch.

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