Chunin Exams Are Here! (edited)

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5 year time skip

So Naruto showed Kurama's human form to everyone and explained that he is the nine tails jinchuriki and they accepted him but he never told him about his past.

So Zoro got Naruto three swords similar to his and thought him the one sword style, two sword style, three swords style, and his attack moves he knew so far.

Kurama taught him how to seal things in scrolls and his body, resangan, resanshurikin (sorry if it's spelled wrong) , Giant resangan, the body flicker technique, and helped Naruto develop his own justus (which you will see later).

Usopp taught him how to aim and how to make his own slingshot attacks and Usopp gave him his own slingshot.

Sanji taught him how to make his kicks and punches powerful, and how cook.

Luffy taught him his moves like gum gum bazooka (my au), gum gum rocket, and gum gum pistol.

Nami taught him his education and how to navigate.

Robin taught him how to grow arms on anything (again my au) .

Lastly Chopper taught him how to make medicine, wrap wounds, heal wounds, how to stitch, and got him his own medical bag. By now he was overpowered.
"Hi" Kurama Speaking/ Pov/ Time skip/ Present time
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind or someone thinking.
"Hi" Normal talking
Present time
No Pov

Everyone was doing there normal thing and suddenly the mailman bird came which Nami paid for the daily mail. Nami then read the paper out loud and said "Chunin Exams are here and anyone who would like to participate must come to the Hidden in the Leaf Village."

Naruto's heart sank when he heard "Hidden in the Leaf Village," he had not heard that name in 5 years. He then got all the flashbacks about all the beatings he had, the cold stares, and more.

When he had the flashbacks he accidentally said out loud "Please stop! Please leave me alone!"

Everyone now staring at him. Suddenly he drop down to the floor and started to hyperventilate. Everyone then rushed to him.

"Naruto what wrong!" Nami said.

"Calm down Naruto!" Chopper said.

Before they knew it he passed out.


Kurama then came out of the seal in his human form and took Naruto to a bed and laid him there. Kurama then came out and said "I'm guessing you want to know what just happened?"

(This is what Kurama looks like)

(This is what Kurama looks like)

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Everyone nodded.

"Ok well I guess it's time you learn about Kit's past. Man this is going to be long."

After Kurama explained his whole past (Sorry lazy) they were furious to what they had done with their little brother. Once Kurama was done he went back inside Naruto's seal and Naruto woke up and walked outside.

"I'm guessing Kurama told you..." Naruto said.

"Yeah we're sorry you had to go through that." Nami said she was still furious but hid it to not scare him.

"It's not your guy's fault." Naruto said.

"Anyway Naruto do you want to go to the Leaf Village to become a Chunin if not we all understand." Nami said.

"Sure I guess we can still go..." Naruto replied.

"Ok set sail to the Leaf Village!"

This is the end of this chapter hope you enjoyed again I am sorry for not posting sooner I may post tomorrow or the next day after anyway good bye ✌️. Also pics is not mine got it from google.

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