Chapter Forty-Three

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As I ran out of the door, I closed and locked it. You can never be too cautious. Before I could even get a sigh of relief, I heard footsteps coming up from the stairs. I felt a wave of panic bursting all around my inside. I quickly opened the door just around the corner of the room that I was chained at, as I closed the door, leaving a bit of a creak to see through.

I saw both of them once again, walking down the hallway. I looked away as I closed my eyes, trying to control my trembling hands. I let out a quiet sigh as I no longer heard the creaky footsteps. I went out of the door, going around the corner and going straight down the basement as I saw Dean laying on his own pool of blood on the stone cold floor. I stopped in front of him, crashing down on my knees as I held his hand. I knew it was not the time of mourning, but I couldn't help myself.

I held his hand, intertwining my fingers with his. "'re the only thing I...I...I have, why did you have to leave me so soon?" I asked, sobbing in between. I closed my eyes, as a tear fell after the other, wanting to burst out all the pain, wanting to scream but was only suffocating in these four-stoned walls I faced.

I felt a slight grip on my hand as I looked up immediately. I saw his eyes, dull and hauntingly empty as death was slowly taking over him. Even through the unbearable pain he must be suffering from his wounds, he still managed to smile. "(Y/n)...I'm sorry for not being able see us finally escape this manhole..." I smiled as I caressed his cheek, "We can if you can still keep holding on Dean! I'll get the med kit upstairs and.." I stopped as his grip weakened.

"(Y/n).I unfortunately cannot go on..continue my legacy for me okay? You better give me a niece or nephew..." he said as he chuckled and groaning in between. "Dean..." was the only word I could mutter as he slowly closed his eyes, "I love you..(Y/n)" he softly whispered. I held back my tears as not to burst, I hugged him ever so tightly as his hands no longer moved and his joyful smile faded away.

"I..I can't Dean..I...I can't.." I muttered. I muffled my sobs, hugging Dean's lifeless body wishing this was only a dream. I felt lost. Its as though I could feel my heart crumbling down, my thoughts having its own bubble and making me feel nothing more but pure misery.

As much as it hurts, I must go on. On my hand, I had my weapon. "I love you too, Dean." I whispered, biting my lip down as I stood up and turned away.

I gripped my knife ever so tightly, wishing to slit his own brother's throat, a husband...a devil. I crave nothing more but his own blood on my hands. As I ascended from the stairs, I was met with two pairs of eyes. "Sebastian." I muttered "(Y/n)? How did you..." his words vanished as I stepped forward. "How could you do such a thing? First you tricked me, now you killed Dean?" I took every step towards him, wanting to just stab him already.

"Why?!" I said at the top of my lungs, "Just why!" I asked once again. "I cant hurt you, (y/n). Step back." he said, "Kill me if you must. You'll get away like you cold-blooded monsters always do!" I screamed. "Stop acting like a fool (y/n) and give me the knife." he replied back sternly.

I swung it at him, my knife touching his cheek with a swift cut. He turned back to me with a failed dodge, "Enough." he said as I swung again. Sebastian stepped back, avoiding my attack. I ran after him, stabbing him on the shoulder, he scowled.

He held my wrist, strong gripping as he twist my wrist making me open my hand and drop the knife. I swung my left hand to his face, but his grip only gotten tighter. We looked into each other's eyes with deep, flaring anger. I kneed his crotch as hard as I could, his hand letting go of my wrist as I heard him groaning in pain.

"Damn you, woman." he said, cursing under his breath. He turned away from me as I kicked his back, making him fall down. I picked up my knife and pointed it at him, "Turn around." I said with a scowl, pressing the blade to his backside neck. He sighs and turned around, "You caught me," he rolled his eyes. I pressed the blade to his neck as I sat on his stomach making him groan. "Is you sitting on me eve necessary?" he asked, trying to shake me off of him.

"I want to know what happened to Dean. " I said, ignoring his own question. "Your own husband killed him. Now kill me." He answered, making me raise a brow. "He's not capable of killing his own brother, he can't be? You're lying." I glared, pressing the blade farther to his skin, "Apparently he is, (y/n)." Sebastian replied back.

As I looked at him, I saw a gold chain peaking out his white shirt. I reached for it as his eyes went wide "Don't touch that!" he said, suddenly becoming sensitive. I looked at the pendant that hung around his neck and looked back at him, "Where did you get this?" I asked, "Why should I tell you?" he asked looking away. I pressed harder, drawing out blood as it made Sebastian flinch.

"Answer me." I pressed harder, eager to know. "That's the only thing I have left before my own father left me. Why the hell do you wanna know even?" he asked, acting like his actual age all of a sudden. An annoying brat. "I have the same necklace, before Leo took it away from me years ago," I replied back, "That was also the only thing I have from my father." I continued.

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