Chapter Five: James' pov 2 weeks later

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Haley's cuddled up at my side when I wake up the morning of my second week home, so I carefully move my arm from around her and get up.
In her kitchen, I pull out the stuff I need for pancakes and begin my cooking.
"No! James!" Haley screams. I run to the room and look at her sleeping still, her face into her pillow. She's crying. That much I can tell, but I just leave her be.
I finish making breakfast and take it into her. She looks at me sleepily, her cheeks still red and tear stained.
"Breakfast in bed?" She asks, her voice scratchy.
"Yes, why wouldn't I do this?" I ask, handing her a fork and the syrup.
"I don't know. I just didn't expect it." She says, taking a bite. "Oh my god. How have you not made me these before?" She asks, looking at me for a second.
"Sorry. I wanted to wait for the right moment to do so. And today was defiantly a good idea."
"Why?" She asks.
" were screaming a little while after I left bed, so I figured I'd make them for you." Her mouth forms and "o" but no sound comes out. "Don't worry, it's ok. I've seen it all." I say.
"But you shouldn't have to see this." She whispers, putting her fork down.
"Hey, I don't care. I'll be there for you if you're there for me."
"James, you shouldn't have to deal with this at home too."
"Haley, it's fine. As Long as I know it's only in dreams and not in real life. I don't want my baby girl getting hurt. Your everything I have and I don't wanna loose you. So just give me the chance to fight off the dreams and protect you." I say in one breath. She hugs me as nods into my shoulder.
"Ok." She breath out. I kiss her forehead, and rub her back.
"Eat up. I have something for us to do today." I say, getting up and heading for the bathroom to take a shower.
The door opens up five minutes later and Haley gets into the shower with me.
She turns me to face her and pulls me to her for a kiss.
"I want you to do me and do me hard and right. Ok?" She whispers, pulling my hands to her waist. I pick her up and put her back against the wall.
Her and I have never actually done it. Either something interrupts or she decides that we should wait. The furthest we've ever gotten was the night I left.
She closes her eyes tight, trying to hide the tears from me.
"Babe, you can cry. It's ok. I promise." She shakes her head and opens her eyes.
"No, it's not ok." She whispers. "Just take it away. Replace his touch and love me. Ok?" She asks, looking into my eyes. I nod and capture her lips into mine. She wraps her arms around my neck and runs her fingers through my hair. I trail kisses down her chin, along her jaw and down her neck. She moans when I reach the hallow of her neck.
"Found your sweet spot." I say into her neck.
"Mhm." She leans her head back and squeezes her legs tighter around my waist. I keep my one hand in the small of her back and the other behind her neck.
"I'm ok." She whispers, moving her lips to my ear. She kisses just under my ear and then down my neck. "I promise." She says when I don't do anything.
"Ok." She loosens her legs so I bring her down on me.
"F*ck." She says under her breath. I put her back against the wall again and kiss along her jaw again.
She moves her hips to match mine, slowly at first, then she speeds up, getting more comfortable.
"Oh god!" She says just as she climaxes. I brush my lips across her ear and slowly lift her off me. "We need to do that more often." She whispers, wrapping her legs around me tighter.
"You know I love you right?" I ask, kissing her cheek.
"Yea." She whispers, sounding sleepy.
"Alright baby girl, lets get you to bed." I say, turning the water off and grabbing a towel. I sit her on the counter and dry most of her off, then I pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. She curls up on the bed.
"James, do we have to do anything today?" She asks.
"Yes, don't worry, I'll carry you if you get tired."
"I don't care about being tired. I care about being sore as hell." She says, making me laugh. "Shut up." She says.
"Alright. You'll get used to it. I promise." She nods and rolls on her back.
"I want you." She says, pulling me to her.
"Jeez. Twice in one day. You sure you're gonna be ok?" I ask. She rolls her eyes and pulls me onto the bed.
"Just shag me." She says before crashing her lips onto mine.

Hey guys. So this chapter was easier to write than I thought so I guess another chapter is up. I hope you guys have a great Friday. 😊

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