Smile, Your Beautiful [Chapter 10]

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She cried in my arms for a whole class period. Morgan and I have been friends for as long as i can remember. We have been through everything together. Us craweling together, riding bikes, playing with baby dolls, going to our very first amusement park, swimming, our first party, and now our very own heartbreak. I would have to cheeer her up. It was my duty as her friend to do just that. The question was how? She loved Corey and he broke her trust....and mine. I'll hurt him. I can't deal with all of this. I'm going to have to drop my revenge plan againist Ryan, Adam, and Casey. Heck, It was already messed up with Casey being Shelly's younger brother. So, I will drop the plan, hurt Corey, and fall in love with Nick.

"Morgan, We should really get moving to class." I said standing up and pushing her hair out of her face.

She snifled first before answering me.

"You go ahead. I'm going to clean myself up first."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I think. I'll be fine. Don't Worry."

I turned around and walked out the office, As i was heading to my next class with a pass in my hand, I ran smack dead into a wall. The thing is,I wouldn't be surprised if i did run into a wall. My mind was in to many other places, but when i looked up at the wall, there was a person. A person with blond hair and a smiling face. Just like that I had and idea! An out of this world fantastic idea!

"Adam!" I exclaimed, taking his hand and getting to my feet. "How have you been?"

"Would be better if i saw you more." He smiled at me.

Oh Jesus, This was going to be hard. How am I going to do this? Hes so cute. Could i really give up the possiblity of being with him? Wait, Snap out of it Mia. I like Nick and Adam is well, playing a game with his bestfriends. Well, ruling out Casey now. I will get Morgan and Adam together if its the last thing I do!

"Well, Would you and Ryan like to hang out with Morgan and I after practice today?" I asked giving him the best flirtatious smile I could do, or atleast i think I'm giving him a flirty smile? I could be wrong. Heck, I probably look stupid. God, Why can't i stop blabbling in my mind?

"Sure.. Kinda like a double dat? Ryan can have Morgan.... Wait! what about Corey?"

It's like i could hear the light bulb go off in his head!

"Are they not together?"

"Yeah.. He cheated on her."

"Oh, I know, but how did she find out?" He knew ... but how can he act so clam about it?

"It's wrong to cheat on a girl!" I said and was surprised at how much anger was in my voice.

"Woah, calm down. I know cheating is not alright, and I would never do it. I'm just a little bit in shock, I told him he would get caught."

My anger started to dissolve but i was still very mad,

"Whatever, Still want to do that afterwards?"

"Sure we can go get pizza."

"Sounds good."

And with that I walked away. I started to walk to English and then I saw Nick... talking to another girl. She was very pretty blond hair and skinny. Her face was flawless with a rossie tint to them. My guess was she didn't wear alot of makeup, and it was just natural. She was everything I wasn't. I felt pathetic that I actually thought I had a chance with him.]


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