Good Luck Rory

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Parties are great ways to make it to third base. It doesn't have to be a partner. Sometimes it's a random stranger. Or someone you've had your eye on for a while.

Rory and Jake are two months in to their strange relationship and Rory had been invited to a party. Of course Jake's not going to let him go alone. The day that Rory was born, Jake swore to protect him. Swore to who or what, no one knows but still, he's not going to let Rory out to something like that alone.

Rory walked in first and headed off to go find his friends. Rory's was a little shit and wore the exact shirt that Jake recommended not to wear. Their mom helped Rory pick out an outfit actually. He was stuck between two things and she made an entirely new outfit. He's wearing black overalls with rips in the legs and a black crop top with pastel planets on it. His overalls hug what little amount of hip he has and there's open space on his sides where the shirt is and a little bit of exposed skin from the crop top. Of course, Jake advised him not to wear it because he knew that the guy that Rory is always on FaceTime with is going to be there and sure, it's great for Rory to have friends but Jake worries about this one. He's a stoner and he seems to like Rory. More than friends. Jake isn't wearing anything exciting. He has Adidas pants on and a hoodie.

Throughout the night, Jake kept an eye on Rory and around eleven, the younger had finished his first drink and his friend Nathalie offered him a little stick thing, and Jake watched as Rory took a drag from it. Jake turned to his best friend who sees Rory as a little brother.

"You saw that?" Jake asked.
"Yea. It was probably just a vape," Xander replied.
"Alright. Yeah, you're probably right," Jake said and they went about their evening. Jake kept an eye on Rory though.

Rory was vibing. Singing, dancing and working with the buzz that he got from the weed. He loves music and dancing. He knows that Jake's watching so he's been trying to not get into it too much but Nathalie and Rory go a little stripper mode when certain songs come on. One of them is Talk Dirty. Rory forgot that Jake was there. Two more shots down the hatch. Then a twisted tea. And a vex. And a gummy. Rory of course paced himself a little bit and didn't chug the drinks, and didn't have them back to back. He had water too. Then, Die Young by Ke$ha came on.

The first bit of the song was fine. Then, Jake happened to glance back to Rory at the worst possible time.

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums

dun Rory felt an arm around his waist and gasped a little bit when a hand come in contact with his exposed skin.

dun he got kissed. Rory looked up at the person who kissed him and it wasn't Jake. It was someone they befriended recently and joined them. Rory took a step back.

"That can't happen. I'm sorry but I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment," Rory said. The guy shrugged.
"No hard feelings. Thought I'd shoot my shot," The guy said with a soft smile and Rory nodded. His phone started to go off in his pocket.

The whole thing happened in slow motion and Jake was angry. Angry that he let himself feel this way about Rory. Angry that it couldn't be known that Rory's his. Angry that that guy kissed him. Jake let out a breath and pulled out his phone.
"I'm going to take Rory home before he gets too intoxicated," Jake said and texted Rory.
"Smart. I think I'm going to head home too," Xander said, "I'm getting bored," He laughed.
"I feel that," Jake replied.

Jake: Rory. Please answer me.
Rory: I don't know wth that was. Please don't hate me
Jake: It's not you that I'm mad at but it's home time.
Rory: A few more songs?
Jake: No. Now.
Rory: Okay

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