A cheating Zayn Malik imagine:

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You are still in London. You moved into Zayn’s bachelor pad. Zayn is on tour and you really miss him. You decided to go out to the mall for a minute. You run out to Zayn’s car because it had the smell of his cologne. You get in the car and decide to head out. Your driving alone the roads very relaxed as you still had apart of Zayn with you. You pull up in the carpark and head in. Everyone is staring at you.. Why? You walked through the mall by yourself. There a definite stares and whispers. You get really annoyed and upset. Your best friend is having a baby so you decided to stop into the newsagency and pick up a card. There are teenage girls staring at you. You look at them and they just keep staring. Something was up. One of the girls walk up to you and asked “Are you Zayn Malik’s ex girlfriend!?”. You look confused and said “No, I’m his girlfriend”. The girls looked at each other and then looked at 3 different magazine’s saying “Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards!” or “Zayn Malik is dating Perrie Edwards!” or “Zayn Malik cheating on [Y/N]!?”. You get upset and take a look through the magazines. You see the photo’s of Zayn kissing Perrie and hugging. You get very upset and throw the magazine angrily away. You look at Perrie’s twitter. It says “Had so much fun with Zayn!”. You scream and run out of the mall every angry. You get into the car and drive home. You are very angry you feel like purposely killing yourself, but you knew that wasn’t the way to go. You reach back to Zayn’s flat. You slam the car door angrily and run upstairs. You knew Zayn was coming home from tour tonight. You didn’t want to see him. You quickly grabbed your bags and packed up your stuff. Throwing your clothes in and throwing everything around angrily. You get on your knees and just scream because you had too. You were just built up with so much anger. Those photo’s weren’t photoshopped. You knew where they were taken. While you were working. You grab your bags and head out the door. You storm angrily to your car and throw everything into the boot of the car and slammed the boot shut. Paparazzi were following and snapped photos from behind the pushes. You start the car and head out. You called your best friend and said “Hey, can I stay with you for awhile!?” “Of course you can [Y/N]! I have a ready for you” “Thanks you’re the best”. You drive over to your friends house. She runs outside and hugs you tightly “I’m so sorry darling” she says to you. You couldn’t help but cry on her shoulder. You hugged for about 3 minutes. “Why would he do that to me!? Why would he cheat on me!” you ask. “Boys are unpredictable [Y/N]” your friend says back. You both grab your bags and head in the house. You didn’t feel like unpacking all your clothes so you left it. Meanwhile back at the airport, Zayn walks out of the gate and see’s your not there. He sees Eleanor and Danielle, but you were were not therr. “Zayn! [Y/N] found out about you and Perrie! Words!?” Paparazzi asked. Zayn looks worried and asks to get home quickly. Zayn gets into the car and the driver drives him back to the flat. Zayn is panicking, he runs up to his flat and walks in “[Y/N]!” he yells. He looks in his room, he sees none of your stuff. Whats left is 3 magazines with him and Perrie on the front kissing. Zayn sits on his bed not knowing how he was going to explain it to you. He sits there with his head in his hands.

*Back to you*

You are laying in your new bed, crying to yourself. “Dinner’s ready. Did you want to come out!?” Your friend asked. You lived with your best friend and her boyfriend. “No thanks. I don’t feel like anything” you say. You left your phone on the kitchen bench. It starts to ring so your friend picks up saying “Well, well, well. Isn’t it the heartbreaker”. “I need to talk to [Y/N]” Zayn says. “Um, not on the phone you’re not! Get your ass here and talk to her face to face” your friend says. Zayn hangs up and immediately gets into his car and drives off to see you. You were still laying on your bed facing the wall. You were laying in pitch blackness, and silences. You needed it. Your silence broke when Zayn started bashing on the front door. Your best friend lets Zayn in. “Down the hall, 3rd door to your left” your friend says. Zayn taps her on the shoulder, and runs down. Zayn starts knocking on your door, but he lets himself in anyway. You turn to see who it was. “I don’t want to see you right now Zayn!” you say to him. “I’m sorry [Y/N]! That was nothing I promise! It meant nothing. I wasn’t very happy, you see in the photos how happy I am with you. I wasn’t happy with Perrie. I’m happy with you. Not Perrie. It will take you awhile to forgive me for actually kissing her and I’m okay with that. I just want you to come back home. You don’t even have to sleep in the same bed with me for awhile. I just need your presence. [Y/N] I’m so sorry”. You stare at Zayn with his big brown beautiful puppy dog eyes. You couldn’t stay mad at him. “It will take me awhile to get over what you did. But I do forgive you and I will come home with you. Because I love you” you say to him. “I love you [Y/N]! Thank you so much” Zayn says. You stand up and give Zayn a hug. You stand on your tiptoes and give him a kiss on the lips. “Did you have sex with Perrie!?” you added. “Absolutely not” Zayn replies. “Good” you say smiling. “But I will with you though” Zayn says. You look at him and he winks at you. You smile and crash your head into his chest and say “Okay, just not here cause this bed squeaks”. You and Zayn laugh and give each other a kiss. He carries you out to the front yard. “I’ll see you at home” Zayn says. “Race you there”.


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P.S. when I was writing this it was likr all black only the words were white srange?? O_o well love ya guys byeeeee:)

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