The Rose Pendant (1)

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Hello all my lovely Wattpadders!!

If you are wondering why the heck I started another story, the answer is I haven't. This is the very first story that I ever wrote back before high school. So it's finished and it won't affect the posting of my other stories.

I hadn't planned on posting it on Wattpad, because frankly it's very embarrassing. However, I have had a few requests from some of my original fans from Quizilla wanting to see it again. 

Like I said before, this story is embarrassing. It will fulfill all the requirements for a crappy Wattpad story if you enjoy the occasional cheesy romance. Because of that, I'm not really looking for critiques on this one because I know that it's bad. I'm just posting it for fun so you all can see where I started out with writing. 

I changed the title of the story. It use to be Oh God... Not Another Vampire Boarding School Love Story. See what I mean by cheesy? 

Have fun!!!!


I stood in front of the door. The number on it matched the number on my informational packet: Dorm C, Room two-hundred and seventy three. I didn’t open it; instead I stared at it, too afraid to confront what was behind it.

I wish Seth could’ve come with me, I would have been less afraid. He was the only person I knew on the whole campus. With him here it wouldn’t have taken me forty minutes to find the right room and I wouldn’t be scared to open the door marked 273.

 God get a grip! I thought to myself. It’s just one person, I can do this. I took a deep breath, wiped away a stray tear, and unlocked the door before I lost all my confidence.

Before me was an open room with a small kitchen to my left, and a cozy looking den straight ahead. Everything was white from the carpet on the floor to the huge sofa in the den.

But in the midst of all the white was one black object. His skin matched the rest of the room, pale white, but he was covered from head to toe in black. He wore black converse, black skinny jeans, and a way to tight black t-shirt.

Let me tell you, he was the most delicious looking boy I have ever seen. His chocolate colored hair fell over his bright green eyes and his toned chest showed through his muscle shirt. Without looking up from his book he spoke.

“I won’t need maid service until Saturday. You can go now.”

Excuse me? What did he just say? Does it look like I have a mop and duster in my hand?

“Ah hello, do I look like the maid?” I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest. He looked up with a bored expression.

“Who else would you be?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

Oh god here comes the scary part. Once again I wished Seth was here. He might have made telling this boy that I would be rooming with him for the entire school year easier. 

“My name is Holly, and well I’m your new room mate.” I said it in a rush, so I was surprised that he caught everything I said. In a second he was across the room and right up in my face.

“Do I look stupid to you? This is an all boy’s school.”

Whoa geez anger management? Thank the lord I had my nifty informational packet to back me up. I held it up and waved it in his face.

“Well can you read? Because I’m pretty sure this says that I’m your new roommate.” He tore the packet out of my hands and scanned it quickly.

“Don’t bother to unpack,” he said looking at me with disgust, “I’m going to go clear this up.”

“I already tried getting my own room seeing as how I’m a girl and all. But there is no room; every dorm is full except for yours. Trust me, I complained for a full hour. So it looks like it’s just you and me ah… what’s your name?”

 The boy pushed me against the wall and barred his teeth. God he was scary tall, and god his chest felt so chiseled shoved up against mine. And god if it didn’t look like he was going to bite my head off I might have thought he was going to kiss me. My heart started thumping wildly at the thought of him pressing his lips to mine. Stop Holly, Stop!  I screamed inside my head. You don’t even know this guy. Besides he’s being a complete immature jerk face!

“Let’s get this straight babe. There is never going to be a you and me. I get what I want and I want you out, so like I said don’t unpack.” He started walking away, but paused at the front door, “Oh and my name is Storm.” He smirked at me and then slammed it shut.

I knew that they weren’t going to assign me to somewhere else even if Storm demanded it, so I dragged my luggage down the hall to find an empty room. The tears that had been threatening me all afternoon started to fall down my face as I crashed down on an empty bed.

I didn’t want to be here thousands of miles away from home in a totally strange country. This wasn’t my choice! I wish I could just go back in time and tell him no, that I didn’t want to come to his stupid school.

Why did I say yes? Was it because growing up I had always wished for some extended family? Loving grandparents and a cousin or two? Maybe it was because I had been wishing to find some answers about what had really happened that night? 

But what I wished for more then everything was that my parents weren’t dead. Then maybe I wouldn't be stuck going to some stupid school for vampire boys. 

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