Chapter 2

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   Louis stumbles onto the bus hours later and exhausted, after hours of shopping with Eleanor he wants nothing more than a hot shower and a cuddle. He walks down the long aisle of the tour bus until he reaches the bunks, when he peeks inside of his own he grabs his own pillow and blanket, since the hotel ones make him feel nasty, and texts Harry to let him know he's on his way up to their hotel room. 

 He walks across the empty, dark hotel parking lot until he reaches the back door of the fancy hotel. He sees that has an unread message from Harry, "Room 320 doors unlocked xx" Louis gets into the elevator and presses the button for the third floor. He leans against the wall of the elevator and tries his hardest not to doze off, as soon as he hears the chime of the elevator he perks up and walks out as fast as he can.

  He looks at the arrows at the beginning of the split hallway and follows the one that leads to his room. As soon as the boy reaches the door he opens it as quickly as possible. The bathroom light is on which means Harry is probably in the shower or getting ready for bed so, without greeting his boyfriend, he locks the door and plops down onto the bed. 

  He strips down to his boxers and situates his pillow and blanket on his side of the bed (once two double-beds that have now been pushed together into one large one) even though he knows he'll wake up cold to find Harry with all of the blankets in the morning.

 Just as Louis begins to doze off he feels the bed dip. He barely opens his eyes to see a dark room and a lanky, shadowy figure climbing into bed beside him. Once Harry is in bed he wastes no time attaching himself to Louis' side. His head laying upon Louis' chest, their legs intertwined. 

"Did you have fun shopping?" Harry starts, in a deep, tired rasp.

"Would you have fun walking around with the devil himself?"

"Don't insult the devil like that what did he ever do to you?"

"He made her,"

"Fair enough."

After a moment of silence Harry starts again, "Well 'm sure you're tired darling. Get some rest."

"Alright love, goodnight"

"Goodnight sunshine."

Louis can't seem to fall asleep though. 

As exhausted as he is he just can't find it in himself to doze off. He stares at the ceiling and thinks about his life. He thinks about how unfair this all is. Almost feeling guilty, hopelessly wishing he could do something but deep down he knows there's nothing he can do. 

He looks down at the beautiful, green eyed, curly-headed boy laying at his side and just wishes he could change things. For Harry more than himself. He just wants to protect his sweet innocent looking boy, slightly snoring next to him. Harry lays there, green eyes closed, mouth slightly agape, looking more peaceful than ever. Nobody would ever look at the image Louis is seeing right now and be able to imagine how broken Harry really was. 

Even though he's not always truthful with Louis about how much he's truly hurting, Louis can see it. But he just has to be supportive, if Harry wants to tell him he will, he doesn't want to pressure him into talking and hurt him more.

That's the worst part for Louis. He's okay with hiding, he's fine with adding girl to random lines in a song, but it's when he has to say it, when he has to look at someone and say, "My girlfriend Eleanor," or when he has to do pap-walks, but worst of all when he sees the look in Harry's eyes when he can't be honest with the world.

In moments like these though it's hard to be upset, because when Louis' studying his boy's soft features, as he looks down at this angel that he's been blessed with, it's hard to be anything but content. 

He relaxes again and tries to stop feeling so sorry for himself, everything he'll ever need is right here in bed beside him, and with that he fades into a peaceful sleep. 

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