Chapter 45: Breaking Point

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I know it's been forever and honestly, my imagination well ran dry. But I've finally got it flowing so here's a chapter! I want to say there's about 8 chapters left in this story. I really hope you enjoy it as I tried really hard to evoke some emotion. Well, I know I cried at least! Maybe you'll cy too? Who knows!


Phoenix stood amid the ruins of the café, a white noise swimming through his ears. He couldn't focus; his body and mind had entered a state of shock. He was unaware of what was going on as his wolf took full control that he readily relinquished. The only thing registering through the numbness was that his mate was gone.

Ripped away before his very eyes with no way to stop it.

He could hear people talking around him, at him, but he didn't respond. He couldn't respond. What would he say to soothe their fears when the very person who put him at ease was gone? He was an Alpha but, in that moment, he felt nothing more than human.

"Alpha! Please tell us what to do!" Sara's shaky voice brought him out of his turmoil long enough to notice the tears streaming down her face.

He could feel her fear, along with Mason's, swim through him and it only furthered the anger and helplessness he felt.

I don't know.

"Call the airport. We need to leave now. The sooner we regroup, the sooner we get her back!"

As the dust settled, the witches and the vampires of the surrounding area came forward, clearing the area. The witches whispered their spells, fogging the memories of the humans around them and removing any trace of the supernatural.

Wilhelm grabbed his mate who was down on her knees, screaming for her lost child. Her wailing sobs were heart-wrenching as she pleaded with the goddess to bring back her baby girl.

"We will find her!" Wilhelm's voice shook as he gripped his mate's shoulders,

She let out an agonizing scream, "They took her again! I couldn't- I couldn't- AHHHH!" She looked up at her mate, her cheeks stained with tears. "I couldn't s-save her. They took my b-baby again!"

"We're going to get her back, Viv. But we can't stay here," he stressed, helping her to her feet. She stumbled behind him, her vision wavering as they climbed into the cramped car. Her breath was uneven as she leaned back in the seat, her sobs quieted to small sniffles.

The car lurched forward and then they were speeding off, racing down the highway like it was life or death.

I guess it is life or death. I'll make sure those bastards die for taking her, she thought darkly, her eyes flickering over to Phoenix. His hands were white from how hard he gripped the steering wheel.

"We need to get Kai," Sarah's voice was barely above a whisper for fear of disturbing her Alpha too much.

Phoenix let out an ear-piercing growl, whipping the car around in way that was surely illegal and raced back toward the hotel. When they arrived, he hopped out of the car, turning his hard gaze on his two wolves.

"Go get your shit. You have five minutes and after that, I'm gone," his voice was a growl as he stormed into the hotel, the two wolves running after him.



Kai was in the middle of air guitaring when the door was kicked open, flying straight across the room, and shattering into a thousand pieces.

"Hey, what the hell-"

"Shut the fuck up and get your things," Phoenix interrupted him harshly, turning his dark gaze on him.

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