Chapter 15

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“So I had the ball, was dashing down the court and was just about to make the shot when I suddenly lost my footing, tripped over another player, and went sliding face first across the court!”

Everyone at the table burst out laughing, and Houssam grinned before taking a drink from his soda. It was after Maghrib, and they had just finished eating dinner and were going to play a game of Trivial Pursuit until the cake was done.

“You always were a klutz!” Yusra exclaimed and Houssam kicked her under the table.  

“Be quiet Yusra!” Houssam scowled, and Yusra laughed before kicking him back.

“Amir, Yusra kicked me!”  Houssam whined, and Yusra’s mouth fell open.

“He kicked me first!”

“Now kids,” Amir scolded, trying to keep his face serious, but failing, and soon they were all laughing again.

“So what happened after you fell?” Ilham asked in amusement, and Houssam shook his head.

“Of course it went viral on Youtube for like three months!”

“I actually saw that!” Hisham exclaimed.

“I’m not surprised, they even showed it on Good Morning America!” Houssam exclaimed, and everyone laughed before Ilham stood excitedly from her seat.

“Okay! So we have to do partners in this game so I have put our names in this cup, and we will pick our partners! Habibi you go first!” Ilham said extending the cup towards Hisham, and he reached inside before pulling out a piece of paper.

“Amir!” He exclaimed once he had opened it.

“Woot! You guys are going down!” Amir exclaimed as he high fived Hisham, and Yusra scoffed.

“Yeah right! Habibi you are the worst and trivia!”

“How could you say that love!?” Amir exclaimed pretending to be offended, and Yusra rolled her eyes before putting her hand in the cup. She took an exaggerated amount of time trying to pick one out, and Hana made a quick prayer that Yusra would either get her or Houssam. If Yusra picked Ilham, then Hana would be Houssam’s partner and she just couldn’t handle it right now.

She really couldn’t.

“Ilhami!” Yusra exclaimed, and Hana’s heart dropped into her stomach.

Of course. 

“We got this Hana don’t worry!” Houssam exclaimed from where he was sitting across from her, and she gave him a tight lipped smile. At least he could still remain across from her and didn’t need to move next to her.

“Okay so here are the questions,” Ilham pushed a box to the center of the table, “one of you rolls the dice and move your piece that many spaces until you land on a color, and your teammate picks a card from this side, and asks you a question that coordinates with the color you landed on. If you get it right, you put the color in your wedge, and if it doesn’t, you don’t do anything. Okay?”

“LET’S DO THIS!” Houssam bellowed, and everyone laughed.

“Okay, since Hisham picked first why don’t you start?”

“Okay. Bro do you want to ask me the question?”

“Sure.” Amir said, and after he rolled and landed on a pink square, which was entertainment, Hisham reached for a card.

“Okay, what is the name of the mascot of Disney that happens to be a mouse?”

“What?! Lame! That’s such an easy question!” Houssam protested, and Amir grinned.

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