fifty two

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"Janet is dead."

My eyes widen as soon as those heart-wrenching words leave Juliet's mouth. Janet is dead. It doesn't make any sense. Last night she was dancing and having fun, healthy and perfectly fine. It just doesn't add up. You can't magically die. I know I shouldn't skip to conclusions, especially with such an extravagant topic like death, but I have a feeling Janet's death was definitely no accident.

"Dead?" I shake my head, "How?"

"We have no idea," Liz says, "all we know is apparently she was feeling really sick during the night... Then she just passed away."

"Just passed away? That doesn't make any sense!" I hesitate, "But she probably was just super sick. Maybe she was allergic to the food or something?"

The reason I hesitated was because I was going to bring up the chilling fact of a murderer in the Dollhouse, and how they, she, or he, could've planted a horrible strategy to kill Janet. Obviously I can't bring that up, I still don't know who I can trust.

"I don't know... It's just so sad." Liz says, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

Without even saying bye to the girls, I run out of the kitchen. I can't bare to be around all the sadness. And plus, now is a great time to start searching for the murderous culprit... Harry's with Liam, the girls are busy with their grief. It's perfect.

I do feel bad that I'm not as saddened as the other girls are by Janet's death. Me and Janet were never really close, and I don't know... As scary and extremely psychotic this sounds, I've just been getting used to death.

I run upstairs and into the girls and I's bedroom. I look around for where I left my notebook and things for clues for when I try to find the murderer in The Dollhouse. It's in my drawer.

I get out everything I need; my notebook, a ziplock bag, and my Polaroid camera. I feel like I'm a detective or something.

I've been in The Dollhouse for over five months now, and I've really gotten no where to finding out who this murderer could be. I actually expected it to be less of a challenge than it is. These girls are too smart.

I start to try and think about what Janet told me at the Christmas party, what she'd done that day. I remember her telling me she and Liam had gone out into the city in the morning, but that doesn't mean anything.

All of a sudden, I hear a knock on the bedroom door. "Come in!" I yell.

The door slowly opens, and in comes Juliet. I quickly hide my notepad but am not in time to hide the ziplock bag and Polaroid camera.

"Hey, Holly," Juliet looks at the ziplock bag and Polaroid camera confused, "what's that?"

"Just being artsy. Wanted to try a photography thing" I lie.

"Oh," Juliet chuckles, "with a ziplock bag? You're a funny girl"

"So," I say, "how's everyone doing downstairs?"

"They're pretty sad. Macy and Dakota are the most sad, they were good friends with Janet. How are you coping?"

"Well," I sigh, "I was never really close with Janet, so I'm not feeling the same amount as grief as you and the girls. But still, I'm sad for everyone."

"Yeah, me too. Any death makes me sad, really" Juliet says, looking down.

"Uh," Juliet gets a out a card from her dress pocket, "I found this. I think it's from Harry."

Juliet hands me the card.

"Oh," I stare at the card, "thank you, Juliet."

"Alright," Juliet sighs, "I'm gonna go comfort the girls. See ya later"

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