Chapter 9 ~ Exchange

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"Sure," Walter looked completely fine with it.

Downstairs on the kitchen counter sat three large steaming boxes of pizza. Two had already been finished but the empty containers were still hot. Wow, they sure ate a lot and fast.

"Sorry this isn't so healthy," Walter said while grimacing at his brother Giovanni's eating habits. "We don't really cook, and most of us go to the gym anyway."

"I totally understand," I said truthfully. "I'd do the same thing if I were you." But like Walter my eyes were on Giovanni.

Giovanni's face was still completely covered in designer makeup and although it was slightly faded, it would take a lot more scrubbing to get rid of it. His mouth was stuffed with food, and even though he was younger than me and he was being quite disgusting, I couldn't help staring at his jaw as he chewed. The muscles working in overdrive. And it wasn't just Giovanni, even though he was eating the most. It was the whole lot of them, minus Landon and Phoenix.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I had put it on silent so I wouldn't get embarrassed if someone had called me while I was here. My ring tone was my current favourite song(even though it was old): Smile by Lily Allen.


hey finished skating, trainer was a total ass 2day :@ wassup? xx

I smiled to myself Hayley was such a good friend. She was pretty too, she had a figure and she was very bold. So I decided to do something that she would love me to do, and probably do herself if she could.

"Hey, who wants Hayley's number?" I asked looking up and grinning.

"Me!" Gomez replied instantly even holding his hand up. Aww.

"Who's Hayley?" Severn frowned, looking at his brother.

"Ditto what he said" Giovanni spoke through a mouth of food.

"She's my best friend, the one who winked at you guys in the canteen today?" I replied, looking at the triplets.

The three of them started talking among themselves, Gomez making gestures with his hands. Ones that were rather out there. I think I got out the 'big boobs' and...hmmm....oh yeah the 'thrusting action' again. Walter rolled his eyes, and Eli rose his eyebrows.

"I want it," they all said at once when they finished.

They frowned at each other and said, again in unison, "I said it first."

It was so freaky.

"It's fine, I'll give - "

"Don't," Eli said. "Don't give it to them."

"Why not?" I asked confused.

"Because they'll harass her. As in they won't leave her alone! They do it to all the older girls."

"And you care because...?" Walter asked sarcastically, glaring at him. Probably about the whole apology business.

Eli didn't have a chance to answer. Gomez cut in. "We won't! Man that was ages ago when we were like....thirteen!"

"Eli's lying!" Severn yelled, it seemed to be just for the fun of it. Giovanni wasn't even listening anymore, he was going for the last few slices of pizza.

"You don't care Eli, you don't care about anyone." Walter finished his question viciously. I had a feeling this was about something more now.

"What do you know about caring yourself, Mr Anger management?" Eli snapped back.

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