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3 years later

"Bella, get your ass back here!" I yell after my daughter as she runs around with the basket of flowers.

"Flowers!!" She squeals, catching the attention of all the wedding guests that stare down at her with a small smile. Her brown curls bounce around as she runs about in her pink flower dress.

I send the guests an apologetic smile as I try to catch my little girl.

"Come on, angel. My back is not built for this." I groan as she hops around the dance floor.

"Gotcha." A sigh of relief escapes my lips as Ben picks her up and places her on his hip.

"Uncle Benji." She drops rose petals on his head and I groan at the troublemaker.

"You see Uncle Jaxon over there?" Bella nods her head at Ben's question. "He's got a really big piece of cake over there for you, if you're good."

"I'll be good." She nods. "Won't I, daddy? I'm good." I chuckle and nod my head, not wanting to upset her.

Ben places her back on her feet and we watch as she sprints over to Jaxon who from the looks of it doesn't actually have a big piece of cake.

"She's wearing you down, old man." Ben grins and I playfully roll my eyes.

"Have you not got a husband to be attending to?" I smirk.

"Well he's occupied by your daughter now." Ben places his hand on his hip. "You looked like you needed a break."

"That little girl is tiny but she's got a lot of energy in her." I nod. "Where's my wife?"

"Coming towards you now." He points behind me and I grin as I watch Leona walk over to me, she wraps her arms around my waist and rests her head against my chest.

I admire her sexy body in a loose red, satin dress which falls just below her knees. She stares up at me and her red lips morph into a smile.

Music begins to play and Ben gets all excited.

"First dance!" We both laugh as Ben goes to collect his husband for their first dance on the dance floor. I look out for Bella and see that she is now playing with Logan and their adopted cousin Dylan.

Ben and Jaxon adopted the seven year old a couple years ago and him and Logan are now the best of friends.

We move closer to the dance floor and I keep a tight hold on my girl as she stands in front of me. We watch our friends have their first dance and I slowly sway Leona to the music.

After a while we all join the happy couple and Leona turns to look up at me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we sway to the music.

"Remember our first dance?" She giggles and I cringe thinking about how I tripped over my foot and ended up bringing myself and Leona to the ground.

I was mortified because not only did I tackle her to the floor, she was also pregnant. The apologies kept blubbering out of my mouth for the rest of the evening.

"Don't trip." She grins and I playfully roll my eyes and lean down to place a soft kiss on her lips.

"I love you." I whisper against her lips.

"And I love you, Mr Tahan."

I would just like to thank every single one of you for reading and supporting this book, it means so much to me. I hope you all loved and enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. I love you all so much❤️

Feel free to add it to your libraries, the prologue is already up. Again I thank you for all the support ❤️

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